The logic of Providence

The logic of Providence

"Remember those earlier days after you had received the light, when you stood ground in a contest in the face of suffering." Paul ( Hebrews, 10:32 )

Those who cultivate sincere faith throughout the world, as a rule, are said to undergo great suffering.

In fact, there are those who affirm that they distance themselves deliberately from religious circles, fearing the contamination from spiritual ailments.

The godless, the ignorant and the futile exhibit themselves spectacularly, in the ordinary life, through bizarre shades of external fantasies. However, when they get close to the celestial truth, prior to having access to the permanent happiness of a higher spirituality, they travel through great tunnels of sadness, downheartedness and taciturnity. This phenomenon, however, is natural, because there will always be reflection after insanity and remorse after excesses.

The problem, nonetheless, covers a greater circle of clarifications.

The mercy that is manifested in God's justice transcends human comprehension.

The Father confers to each ignorant or lost son the right to undergo the fiercest experiences only after they have been illuminated. Only after they have actually learned to perceive with their eternal spirit, will life offer them different values. The indispensable strength to triumph in the great battle over their afflictions will be born in their hearts from that moment forward.

The frivolous and opportunists, in spite of their appearance, are usually frail souls whose dry stems shall shatter at the sight of the first storm. The noble spirits that are able to withstand the storms of earthly trek are well aware of this. Only spiritual enlightenment will guarantee the success through the trials.

No one would yield the responsibility of a ship full of preoccupation and dangers to simple children.

Our daily bread - Emmanuel - Francisco C Xavier

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