The Long Dark

Anyone tried this game that's still in development? It's flipping hard. Survival in the freezing cold. You have to balance your energy, food and water and try to stay warm and fed enough to live.

It's really hard to stay alive. You really have to consider whether it's worth going for a walk to find food or just sit it out. I've died repeatedly. Managed to go a bit longer this time. Very stressful!

Sounds like a rip off of don't starve

I watched a guy stream it for a few hours one night.  I looked cool, but not something I would personally enjoy.  Too boring for me.  Its a really cool looking survival game if you like those types of games.  To me it just looked like a really dull verion of hardcore mode on fallout without any of the combat or story.  That's just my take, though.

I actually loved Don't Starve Akron, I thought it was a really cool game with a ton of depth and replayability and I also liked the art style.


I only paid 15 quid I think. It's good value. It scares me. You have to dodge wolves and bears. If you die, your done.