The Lost Tomb of Jesus

watched this and the following rebuttle show afterwards and initially i was very sceptical about all this. But i must say not only did the guy make a few compelling points but the detractors really didnt shoot him down at all.

I think the focus on how this would undermine christianity is totally incorrect, it would undermine theology which is basically mans interpretation of spiritual knowledge. Two different things IMHO.

Juts my 2c

When I saw that guy from naked archaeologist. The psuedo jewish guy with the do rag on his head.....I changed the channel.

i dont mind him , he is not as bad as some. but yeah he can be cheesy and entertainment driven.

But i really expected it to get torn to pieces but it didn't

I will eventually watch it but I didnt. It doesnt spark my interest. The tomb was discovered 27 years ago. kind of odd it would only get attention by film director someting cameron. Ill hold my judgement till I see the film and the ensuing rebuttals. I do have formal training in these areas so, I kind of cringe when a hollywood producer sets the scene so to speak.

yeah hollywood aint the right venue for this

What did JD Crossan say about the whole thing ?

Dever is a good solid near east historian and archaeologist. He says...

Dever, a retired professor of archaeology at the University of Arizona, said that some of the inscriptions on the Talpiyot ossuaries are unclear, but that all of the names are common.

"I've know about these ossuaries for many years and so have many other archaeologists, and none of us thought it was much of a story, because these are rather common Jewish names from that period," he said. "It's a publicity stunt, and it will make these guys very rich, and it will upset millions of innocent people because they don't know enough to separate fact from fiction."

The guy who 'discovered the ossuayr of james' is on trial I think for forgery. I saw video of the raid by the israeli's on his home that had very sophisticated engraving equipment. The science of forgery is very lucrative and detailed.

To me, the location of the tomb doesnt add up. Whether jesus rose from the dead or not is irrelevant in many areas. He and his family would have been buried in galilee. It would be hard to believe that they were buried in a middle class Jerusalem tomb. Especially after his rampage against the elite of jerusalem. They were galileans and they would have been buried near their ancestoral home. If jesus lived on in jerusalem, there would be some evidence, literary or otherwise that showed this. In other words, he would not be welcome in jerusalem. Burial sites, tombs, locations were important things.

But on the flip side, Josephus records that James the brother of Jesus was killed in 62 AD, so there were members of his family in jerusalem decades after his death.

Really, you should get the novel on amazon,
skeletons in God's closet. Its an archaeological thriller about this very thing happening. pretty fun read.I think it was written about 10 12 years ago.

yeah forgery is a big problem i think, its been proven a few times that world experts can be fooled.

Another Easter Hoax

Dever was one of the critics of the show, that apperared on the rebuttal show, actually I thought he did a very good job of refuting the film makers claims.

and he's not even a he said " I don't have any dogs in this fight"

I did notice that the naked archaeologist dude seemed a bit nervous to be in the same room as an actual respected archaeologist.

I call him the idiot archaeologist. He has some sort of fake accent that leads the viewer to think he's some sort of jewish sage and that do rag is so funny

he's like a bad josh berenstien from Digging up the truth. Its obvious what that guys schtick is but the 'naked archaeologist'..... Whatever.

I cant find a shred of academic credentials he has. lol at jewish neopotism.

Complete crap and not even news.

actually Hawker, Drive Thru History is also shown on History International...right after The Naked Archaeologist

got to love a rapping, israeli canadian masquerading as an archaeologist who is fascinated with phallic statues. His only creds are being a documentary maker and being born in israel and leaving 3 years later. I caught a scene where they 'found' ancient relgious scrolls. They acted like they had found the dead sea scrolls. In truth, jews do not destroy scripture but bury them. They are a fairly recent addition to the 'lost tomb of jesus'.

I think the ploy of cameron was so obvious to tail onto the da vinci code that it might backfire and he will get little or no airtime, kudos or awards. With 27 years to have 'unearthed'the truth, youd think they could come up with something more credible.

actually, there was alot of hub bub leading up to the show...but I think it's already died off...i have not heard of Christians denying their faith...what I find interesting...but not that skeptic historians and archaeologists are distancing themselves and also attacking their claims.

Cameron must be a complete idiot about archaeology. Youd think if there was a case to be made, they would have done it 27 years ago.