The M-Banks Gangster (short story)

It was grade 5 and Mrs. D’s class was the place to be. In order to gently introduce students to economics and finance, she developed a cool system of giving kids jobs around the classroom and using play money called ‘M banks’.

There were auctions at the end of every week where goods were auctioned off and you used your M-banks cash that you earned at your job during the week to buy whatever you wanted.

There were a host of jobs around the class but the highest paying and therefore the most revered job which everybody wanted was the banker. I really wanted to be the banker, not because I liked the idea of it but because of the prestige and simply because everybody wanted to be the banker.

However, my math skills weren’t quite where they needed to be so the position was given to two other dorks - Paul and Erika. I was given the job of ‘the paper police’ which sucked and you basically had to monitor who’s using paper and get people to try to recycle and all that nonsense. Essentially, the job was to be a dork who nagged at people which wasn’t my style.The pay was mediocre at best and I didn’t want to just scrape by so I decided to take matters into my own hands and set myself up with something else. I had an idea in mind, you see…

While M-banks was the currency in Mrs. D’s class, around the entire school, the currency was ‘Gotchas’ which were given out to students as a reward when kids were caught doing a good deed - sort of like ‘gotcha doing something good’ is where the name came from. You could use them to buy food at the tuck shop during lunch and order books, toys, etc. and everybody wanted gotchas. So what I started to do was steal gotchas out of people’s desks (they almost always kept them in there) then I would sell them for M-banks. A lot of the time, I would even sell people’s own gotchas that I stole from them back to them and really, no one was getting hurt, I’m just getting paid you know.

Eventually I had a whole crew working under me who would do the stealing for me. We would use intelligence to find out who was given gotchas by the school administration then we’d steal them and I would take care of my guys by giving them a cut of the profits.

I started dominating at the auctions every week but still knew to hold back a little. I just had way more money than everybody else, even Paul and Erika, the bankers. I could buy whatever my heart desired, but with the meager salary of a paper police, it started to arouse suspicion.

Mrs. D asked me one day during the Friday auction in front of the whole class “How do you have so much M-banks?”

I was stumped “Uh, I just save my money is all.”

But the look she gave me in return, she knew something was up.

After some thinking, I knew what I had to do - I had to come up with a legitimate business front.

I don’t know if you remember them, but when I was in grade 5, those little toy finger skateboards were very popular and everybody in the class had one. But, like all popular children’s toys, they were pretty expensive.

I came up with an easy rip-off of that - the finger snowboard, which was pretty much the same thing but without the wheels.

What I’d do was find a piece of cardboard that had a cool illustration on it (from a magazine, playing card, whatever) then cut it into the shape of a snowboard, put a Band-Aid on the back for traction, then paint the band aid with nail polish and curve it into a snowboard shape and voilà! - A finger snowboard made within 5 minutes.

I would then sell these in class for M-banks, which was allowed, and I’d make it a point to do the transaction in front of Mrs. D or at least in her vicinity.

Surprisingly enough, they became a big hit and everybody was buying them. I never planned on making any money with them, I just wanted to use it as a front, but they took off and I was raking in M-banks and could dominate the auctions, buying whatever I wanted and now, I didn’t have to hold back due to the finger snowboard business. The only time I let up and let someone else buy something was when one of my guys who worked for me stealing gotchas wanted something. I always took care of my guys.

Needless to say, things were going great, until this little shit Curtis got involved. He somehow found out about the gotcha stealing business and wanted in. He wanted to work for me but I didn’t really like him so I told him I wasn’t hiring.

“I’ll tell,” he threatened me in return if I didn’t let him in, the little shit.

This put me in a very difficult position. I didn’t like anybody strong-arming me and that’s not the kind of guy you want working for you. I had to do something; I had to send a message.

One of the guys I had working under me, you might know him from my one of my other stories, went by the name ‘Rib Breaker Ricky’ and he was a bad ass dude, well, as far as 5th graders are concerned. He was a tough native kid, fresh from the reservation, and even the bullies at school were afraid of him.

He earned the nickname by developing a habit of breaking guy’s ribs when they pissed him off, usually from calling him fat or talking about his family (I made it a point to never do either).

So that’s exactly what I told him Curtis said about him.

“He said that you’re fat and your entire family is as well.”

I just knew that would work.

But in any type of battle or conflict situation, I always find it best to have two separate plans of attack used simultaneously in conjunction in case one doesn’t work.

So I told Curtis if he wants in he has to call Ricky fat and his entire family too. I dared him he wouldn’t. He always wanted to be tough and this is how he had to prove it.

“It’s an initiation type thing; we all had to do it to get in.”

Well the following day at recess, all the stars aligned, so to speak, and Curtis got dealt with.

Curtis went over to Rib Breaker Ricky and did just what I wanted him to and said “Your entire family is fat!”

Ricky wasted to time and threw Curtis to the ground and jumped on his rib cage and added him to his ever growing list of victims. His ribs were broken, it was confirmed the following day and Ricky was subsequently suspended.

I guess Curtis figured out what was going on because after his ribs healed up, he came back to school and ratted on me and the entire operation. Mrs. D searched my desk and found my stash of stolen gotchas and I was in real shit. People apparently had been reporting them missing all over the school all year.

“You’ve been black-marketing gotchas! That’s why you’ve been able to buy everything at the auctions all year!”


I didn’t get suspended but I had to give everybody their gotchas back and write a letter of apology to the entire class. Also, my job of paper police was taken from me and I was relegated to class janitor for the remainder of the school year. I never ratted on my guys, though. I didn’t even consider it for one second. I always took care of my guys, to the bitter end.

I later found out Mrs. D stopped doing M-banks shortly after my class and I couldn’t help but think that I had something to do with that. I also think that no matter what I do in life, to her, I will always be the M-Banks gangster.

haha thanks for the story. Rat Bastard.


HotSteppa - haha thanks for the story. Rat Bastard.

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You fucked up, should of accepted him, then tell him to go and steal lil Johnny's Gotchas, while annonymosly sends lil Johnny a warning beforehand.

Cheers. Thanks for reading.



May do a sequel to this 1 about grade 6 where i got into the drug game - making my own drugs and marketing it/selling it haha cheers.

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You fucked up, should of accepted him, then tell him to go and steal lil Johnny's Gotchas, while annonymosly sends lil Johnny a warning beforehand.

Kid was going to rat, rats are like that.

Great story, written well also.

Great story.  Needs some romance though.  You should add a love interest and betrayal.

Thanks for reading and the kind words. cheers. as i said, may do a sequel to this 1 about grade 6 when i got into the dope game. cheers.



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