Hi guy's,

I took a heavyweight fight on thursday and fought tonight (sunday) won by Machine GnP in 1 minute 30 seconds of the first round.

205 fighters here I come... with a whole lotta hurt in my fists!


THE MACHINE will be heard from in 2005!

Who'd you fight, and where?

Damn, what is that? Two fights in two weeks?

Leave a trail of bodies across the Atlantic and get your ass to the UFC!

Can't wait.....

Ian you are a warrior. Congrats on your wins.

ttt for Ian "the frank mir killer" Freeman.



Brian does not actually believe this, but has become aware that if one wishes for Mr. Freeman to answer one's question, the statement "Mir will beat Freeman" will usually suffice

Who did you fight, and where was it?

Thanks - Brian


stands up

And was the fight at heavyweight or at 205?

ducks back down

Ian, you impress me more every day...

UFC, UFC, UFC, UFC, UFC... the crowd goes wild!  

It's like you have your very own narrarator!!

lol @ sureshock...

"I will now lecture you about respect....and then I will proceed to insult you!"

Good stuff!....

lol @ sureshock AGAIN, because he edited his post to include "alcoholic"!!!

That's gold!

Congrats Ian. Keep kicking ass.

The guy I fought was not a big name... not many of those in the UK, but I took the fight on short notice due to one of my guy's puling out at the last minute due to injury. I did not want to let the promoters down at such sort notice like that.

The guy i fought was Will Elworthy from Wales and I fought at heavyweight. Obviously I only fought the week before at heavyweight and never had time to cut down to 205 in such a short time.

It's no biggie, just wanted you guys to know I'm active AGAIN!


First off congratulations on your two recent wins. Just wanted to ask whether you plan on competing at 205lb here in the UK? I know you vacated the Cage Rage HW title, will you be competing on that show again?

I know your training partner Michael Bisping is the current champion their at LHW but there are some interesting opponents in that weight division.



you're the man! keep it up homie!

Holy crap there were alot of posts deleted on this thread! Sixteen of them?!

Jesus, was one of the mods having a bad night? You might as well've deleted the post about having your own narrarrator, since it doesn't make much since without the other posts.

Damn! You even deleted some of Ian's posts? On his own thread?

I think they were deleted because they were nothing to do with the thread title and just talking trash.

Totaly off subject.... Thats the way the threads should be.

If you wanna talk off subject and just look for an argument, then go to the OG!


Was wondering if I could do an interview with you. Read the book, very entertaining. Congrats on your win. Give me an email at if you can.


the rev

But they even deleted some of yours, Ian. Since when is joking around (something even YOU do, which is cool) such a big deal?

I could understand if they were disrespectful, and I've certainly seen worse posts stay on threads. And I can understand the one's about Mir, seeing as how there's always someone who will bring him up any time you post.

Oh well.....

Thanks for answering my questions, though. I didn't even have to kick the dog this time!

Look at me! Look at me!