The Maestro: The Rollie Massimino Story

Just saw this documentary last night. Extremely moving and inspirational. Massimino has late stage cancer throughout his body. He is on multiple treatments, including heavy chemo. He is 82 years old now, but still coaching at a small school. He keeps his spirits up at all times, and treats his team like family. He is loved by everbody.

I still remember the 1985 NCAA win over uber heavily favored Georgetown. Villanova shot 78.9% from the field. Greatest college game ever imo.

If you've seen it, please comment. If not, it's worth a watch.

No Way!

The Maestro - 

No Way!

Well, you're in good company. Except that Rollie passed away.

My sister’s boyfriend was close friends with Rollie.  Said Rollie was an awesome guy.  Kept coaching at that small school in Florida while he had cancer