the magic of last ninja?

every year i just start up last ninja 1,2,3 on an c64 emulator and play it again and finnish it. the games are over 20 years old. but i can play it again and again.

is it the music? which is bar none the best music ever created in videogame series. the atmosphere? gameplay?

has anybody else played thi sgame so much as i did? and what were your experiences?

Loved those games. Well I loved to TRY playing them and to watch others play. I never owned a C64 and couldn't control the character very well with the joystick. The first one seemed to me at least to ba a million miles ahead of every other C64 game at that time.

I digged the music too.

shame the last ninja 4 was never made on C64.

and yes the music kicks holy ass. also the adventure parts in the game were outstanding.

i remembe rplaying it with friends together and finding out were we needed to go next.

these days you find walkthroughs everywere but at that time we had it all to do by ourselfs.

meeting at clubs etc. great times!

I remember Commodore User had a full walkthrough with detailed hand-drawn maps, but I lost the goddamn issue by the time I had actually bought the game.

The last part of the first level had me stumped for months until I happened to jump off the edge of the path while screwing around one day.