The Main CAF Grand Prix Brackets (360)

Ok Folks,

The Main CAF GP Brackets for the 360 have been put together and posted here

You will find your opponents Gamer Tag here

Add your opponent to your network friends list and arrange the fight.

We are suggesting Fri June 5th / Saturday June 6th / Sunday June 7th but any time between now and then is fine as long as both parties agree.

The fight result MUST be reported in the "My matches" section before midnight Monday June 8th. Any fights not reported by this time will result in one or both parties being eliminated.

Any problems you can contact me at

Good Luck All.





Cant wait, its on bitches, lol. Gonna send my opponent back to the city of Japan where the competition is easier.

 ^luckily you weren't fighting Mica Kizbig, or you would be on that plane to Japan with your xbox

WORD, lol.

CRE - my Xbox 360 got sent back to Japan with an E74 error

E74 = Ken Shamrock V Kimbo style cut in training?

Damn.. a rematch with Cbass. Hopefully I can make it past round 1 this time.

^Yeah, I did wince when that one came out. Still revenge is a dish best served cold, like KO out cold.

I shold be on some Sat after 6pst.. and during the day sunday.. with the fights sat/sun and plans fri night, I will do my best

Daht L Ooeul

Prizes have been announced as well,

The prizes will be one of three items chosen by the winners of each weight division for each console:

1) An Pro Membership one year (blue name), this also currently includes a $10 gift to the e-store.
2) classic t-shirt (
3) Underground TapouT t-shirt (

To view our Rules page please visit


I got straight fucked up in my match. Got triangled from mount halfway through the first round.




i lost by flash ko to neosamurai about a minute in,, then i took the next 2 one by sub and one by extremely brutal kd, would be nice if it was best 2 of 3, im sure im only saying that because i lost tho

Either or shrike... those who do the best will use retired CAFs as they can acheive higher ratings. My straight CAF got whooped by cbass's retired one yesterday :o