The Master Text, Simco

I'm thinking about buying this, how did you guys like it? Is it the best grappling book ever?

I bought the first one and really liked it. I ordered the new edition when it first came out but I never received it. My CC was never charged though. I am sure it is probably good, I just never got to find out. I do get emails about buying it all the time though.

The first one was like 300 pages, the next 800 right?

my opinion . . it sucked.

sparse details, crappy B&W photos. honestly, ur much better off getting royler or jj machado's books. they are infinitely better.

For the money, you can buy the whole machado encyclopedia ( which isn't really an encyclopedia, but more an ass load of techniques ).

The photos are unclear and the details are not that great. I think I learned a good counter to an arm triangle from that book, but that is about it.

Is Rigan's book all sport techniques?

This book is absolutely horrible. Way overpriced,no organization, poor techniques, black and white photos.

I liked the book at first, but once the newer books (royler's, Renzo's, Carlson's, JJ's) came out, i realized how low quality this book actually is. It's not the the moves are bad, but they are poorly explained, black and white, and unorganized