The Mat

The Mat
A thin layer of coating

A couple inches of foam

This is the surface

On which Modern day gladiators roam

The battle has begun

its a game of Mental chess

a seven minute war

to prove you are the best

you know that injuries happen

but you dont complain

its an occupational hazard

you live your life in pain
you push yourself to exhaustion

your body begins to shake

you finally see the opening
the luckiest of brakes

you grab the enemies wrist

power your hips through

you have him where you want him

nothing more he can do

the ravenous fans erupt

as you pin his shoulders flat

you mind belongs to victory

your soul belongs to the mat.


Looks like something you'd read on the back of a little kid's t-shirt. Ghey.


Thats a little cold man but as a writer i can accept and appreciate criticism. just as i thank Miller for his positive comment, i thank you for your negative one. I could say something about being a fellow PA boy but I wont. thanks

BTW, if it was on the back of a little kids shirt, that would be great because I would be a success

Just breaking your balls man :-)

I agree with Miller-nice.

Mattiddy, mattiddy, mat.

Darn mat.

I can't breathe 'cause my opponent is so fat.