The Matrix Was a Trans Allegory

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your opinion matters even less than lesbian theory’s

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Well, yeah, this is the OG. I hope you’re not under the impression that anyone’s opinion matters.

Good movie but it wasn’t quite the same mindfuck as the first Matrix. It did have Jennifer Connelly though.

That’s you projecting literally every single thing you’ve ever written on this forum. Speak for yourself.

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I didn’t read the above article but read about it awhile back when the new film was announced. Apparently Neo potential spoiler ahead never left the matrix hence his continued powers in the “outside” world of Zion, so with that Neo is playing two characters in the simulation, Neo and Trinity. I could be remembering wrong though or that it is just rumor I read. Probably the latter.

Yeah there are tons of religious references, tons of tech references, and apparently there are trans references too.


Supposedly in Matrix 4, it’s revealed that Neo was never The One, Trinity is revealed to be The One, and Keanu plays some computer programmer back in the matrix named Mr. Sanderson who has no recollection of his time as Mr. Anderson, Neo, supposedly being The One, etc.
This is in addition to some new character that has a connection to Morpheus (though I don’t remember what), and another that is a boy in the “real world”, and a girl in the matrix (or vice versa).

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Those two idiots are so full of shit.

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It really isn’t, this is just one of the very few places left around to openly express one’s true thoughts on the matter.

Everywhere that does not censor heavily is quite conservative.

It was that too. The reason that that became more of a mess as time went on is that 1 had a limited number of questions that were mostly all resolved at the end. It was ultimately a story about a person rejecting their false consciousness and becoming who they really were. Between that and the main sci-if bit being about the mind/body distinction, it is pretty clear what the trans interpretation is.

Then the later movies kept piling on, adding more and more questions without really resolving any of them. I don’t mind that so much and don’t hate 2 and 3 like a lot of people do, but from just a mechanical perspective the movie is way too cluttered.

That and the action. When 1 came out it was novel and revolutionary, but was copied and parodied to death almost immediately. Then it became more and more CG reliant before CG could do it well.