The media has now gone full rabid on DeSantis. Mouth foam and everything


Don’t Fauci My Florida is great.

We should really change the phrase “fucked up” to “fauci’d up”… like “oh fuck, you mean my lab released a virus upon the world and killed over 700k people, man I really Fauci’d up this time!”


Where can we get one?


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They’re freaking out over Florida’s Covid case counts when they have 26 cases per 100K people? That’s 0.026% of the population getting Covid. Of these, > 99% will be mild cases.

MSM sure loves its fear porn.


MSM = Liberal Propaganda machine. Turn off the news, get rid of your newspaper subscriptions and help stop them from spreading the bullshit they do.


Baffles me how fucking maniacal they are. It’s unreal. They are worse than politicians.

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i want to see the next clip with Jorge Masvidal.

Just ordered $150 from his site. DeSantis is our next president- that is, if the dems don’t rig it again. That said, if they do expect Civil War II and the breakup of the United States.

SOURCE: History


People forget what they were like with Bush. He was lampooned by the mainstream media and Hollywood endlessly. Trump they just turned the volume up. It does not matter who conservatives put forward, shitlibs have complete control of the culture and narrative now and all that it means is that the Trump treatment will be in store for any conservative politician who poses any sort of threat to them. The best you can hope for is that the alphabet agencies dont undermine them like they did Trump.

Even snl finally started making fun of that do-nothing race baiter Obama after 7 years.