The Method of Chinese Wrestling

By Tim Cartmell. Has anyone seen/read this book?

yea. i dont give a damn to read it.

Why not?

Its intersting for historical reasons.

cuase, if it was truly that good, then China's men's program wouldnt be
ranked below that of the USA.

Which program? I was under the impression that China was still dominating international shuai chiao competitions. Or were you refering to judo?

yea. judo.

I don't understand the logic. Why would China' standing in judo be any reflection on shuai chiao? That would be like dismissing American judo because it hasn't lived up to the legacy of American wrestling. It's an unfair comparison unless the atheletes are training/competing equally in both sports.

It's quite an interesting book for historical reasons. Not really suitable for learning much as it's old black and white photos.

For a better look at Chinese wrestling, look up the shuaijiao highlight clip on youtube that was posted a while back.

Chinese olympic wrestling is improving. They had a guy placed first in 66kg Greco, one in the quater finals in 96kg Greco, finalist in 46kg Freestyle, quater finals in 51kg freestyle, finalist in 59kg in freestyle. Those are ones I remember off the top of my head.

I don't know if they do shuaijiao though but is that relevant? =P

China's female judo seems to be better than the men's atm.

i always wondered why chinese had no judo to speak of especially given their huge population.

They had no weightlifting but now are doing well (its another story they don't get tested like eastern europeans at all). Or wrestling too, but now are doing alright.

Had a look at the results again and in addition to the above already mentioned they had a finalist in 63kg Freestyle, first place in 67kg in Freestyle and quater finalist in 72kg Freestyle. This was from the World Championship in September last year. I didn't know China was this good! Hope it's all good and true not like their women's swimming team before :).

The Chinese Team had an Olympic Gold Medal in 2004, the US team never evvver had one one in Judo. And the Olympics has no relevance to a book written before modern Judo.

ironmonkey, those categories look like women's. if it is, then its not that great, because women's wrestling is not popular at all and competition is low.

Hey Judom,

You're right. Only the 66kg first place in Greco were men. The rest were women's.

I thought that was still pretty amazing result from a country with a short tradition in olympic wrestling.

yea, they are good at wrestling now... partly becuase they signed an
olympic training accord with Russia to exchange coaching in sports that
China is weak in and Russia is strong at.

Oh but the Chinese do have judo and are steadily improving. Watch for them to make a big splash in judo in Beijing in 2008.  Mark it down :)


somehow i highly doubt it. the only big splash many of them will be making is getting thrown for ippons.

I'm sure the home team advantage will be a big help to the Chinese at the next Olympics.

Once again Sojourner demonstrates his wisdom.


qualification for olympics especially from europe is very hard.

i don't know about asia. do the chinese need to qualify like the rest, or do they get a free pass due to being the hosts ?

Not that it has anything to do with Judo, but China's boxing program has also improved by leaps and bounds in the last 15 years. They even had a medalist in the last Olympics....Basically China's sports program produces good athletes in a particular event when they decide they want too (why they cant produce a better men's soccer team is beyond me though)