The microwave is the most depressing appliance

2 minutes to heat the coffee. 2 minutes closer to death. 10 minutes to heat a Boca burger. Ten minutes older. The microwave is life going by in micro-moments. It’s a constant reminder of the arrow of time. Of the second law of thermodynamics. Of our own mortality.

Fuck microwaves. And I’m not crazy about the toaster oven either.

Don’t even get me started on clocks.










Or your threads.

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I can feel the entropy in this thread

A watched pot never boils. 

![Champion 501HT-70 Undercounter High Temperature Dishwashing Machine | Dishwashing Equipment | Zanduco US](upload://6SwGZMEVRlwWj4Ftqm7NwZ7ZLwb.jpeg)

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You got to be careful with microwaves these days

This thread has no merit whatsoever.

Just stop letting dudes bang your wife.

I always leave one second on the office microwave after I heat up my coffee.

Sometimes it bites me in the ass, though, and I’m the one that has to clear it out before setting the new cook time.

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My microwave died yesterday, on Easter Sunday. I’ll be buying another one in three days.

my microwave shit the bed about a year ago. haven’t replaced it. don’t miss it. have one in my home theater for popcorn, but that’s the only thing we’ve used it for.

There’s a good microwave out there that needs a loving home. You can make a huge difference.

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Don’t you give your microwave the power to define you, bro. It lives only to serve you, and is but a simple tool with which you can make the most of your time.

I enjoyed this post

Is this from the “Fight Club” extended cut?!?

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Not technically an appliance, but I’d like to make the case for bags of milk.


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Bump for Shen, he likes microwaves

I have yet to see Master Shen join us and it makes me a sad panda.

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