The most convincing potty mouth in world history

real sweg

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why do young people have to get vaccinated when the VAX works for high risk groups?

are people fucking dumb?

this is the kind of anger we need.

righteous indignation but with flair and potty mouthed verbal finesse

just whining and trying to be logical on youtube is not gonna work

you have to get angry like this… like OMG wtf how can ppl be so dumb type of attitude.
you have to be like SRSLY… WHAT THE FLYING FUCK kinda attitude.
like this lady is not even entertaining the other side, cuz the whole thing is so fucking ridiculous

we are truly in clown world. it needs to be called out with APPROPRIATE ANGER

straight up.


she is fit and seems to be an influencer.
she is a good ally for the cause.
she tells it like it is
it’s what everyone is thinking but we have too many teacher’s pets and wimps out there

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Motherfucker, I’d motherfucking fuck that dumb ass bitch’s ass until my motherfucking dick fell off.

Because this is the USA, bitch.

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Most of this forum is very aware I am pro freedom, anti mask, and generally have a “covid is over feared” attitude.

But then a real life friend I know has a young child get it, and it reminds me…“this shit can still be very serious and maybe I should tone back the downplaying aspect of it”.

He had Covid and had unrelenting fever and sharp abdominal pain. His symptoms aligned with a rare, post Covid sickness called MIS-C, and when they started treating him for it, he instantly felt better. His bloodwork started to improve, he was eating again, and fever was gone for the first time in 2 weeks. He went home on a high dose of meds and he’s been taking them since Easter. He finished them Tuesday evening, and around 3 this morning, he came downstairs with a high fever and horrible stomach pain. I brought him back here and they discovered through a CT scan that his appendix was rupturing 3.5 weeks ago and is severely infected. His belly (which I thought was swollen from steroids) is full of fluid from infection. His appendix calcified itself and is just leaking infection into his little belly. He had surgery a few hours ago to place a drain in his belly and a PICC line in for future meds. He will have the appendix leftovers removed in a couple months when the infection is totally clear. He’s in some pain but he’s being SO tough! Pray for minimal pain. I’m still in shock that he walked around for so long with this going on.

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the thing is you can’t trust if it was really covid
many young people are hospitalized and have been for respiratory illnesses

remember the kid in elementary or middle school that always had the asthma spray and sometimes would get stuck in the hospital. I remember those days.

also you could have moderate illness and then go to these doctors and they just experiment on you or just engage in reckless treatments.

there was a study in UK that showed that doctors killed nearly half of their patients.

we know that in NY improper ventilator usage killed TONS OF PEOPLE.

the bottom line is we don’t know if ANY COVID DIAGNOSIS IS REAL!

also even if your friend’s kid had covid covid… the cases are so rare and by their own admission people under 20 have a 99.9999% survival rate.

there is no justification for this group to wear masks or get the vax

Great points. I’ll be sure to reach out to them and let them know this guy EvilYoshida on an mma forum thinks it’s not Covid and they’re more than likely being lied to. After all, what good is logic if you can’t use it, right?


by their own admission Covid was misdiagnosed in millions of people
by their own admission they are saying if they call something COVID they get paid more.
if cause of death was covid, more money is paid out.

why did flu go to zero?
it was all relabeled covid

I myself was hospitalized for serious bronchitis when i was a kid… if that happened today, it would have been called COVID.

at this point people on an MMA forum prob know more and are more truthful than most doctors

doctors are not telling people the truth anymore.

why do under 30 year olds have to get the VAX? esp. when risk of complication from an EXPERIMENTAL VAX is higher than the risk for COVID

You are absolutely going to love this update lol…

It was a ruptered appendix. The hospital mis-diagnosed it as a post covid problem.

From the dad himself-“covid wasn’t even a big deal”.

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Im glad they got it figured out for the little guy, I hope his recovery is speedy



I usually like patting myself on the back… but i’ll wait for now.

Yeah. Little guy still has to have surgery and currently is battling an infection, so doesn’t seem right to “celebrate” this when bigger issues are still pending.

But, regarding Covid fear, I am NOT contributing to that mess.

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yeah I’m still wishing for his uneventful recovery
hence why I didn’t pat myself on the back

Seven head.