The most edibles you or someone you know have eaten in a day?

What I’m talking about.

To be honest, I rarely feel more than a buzz from any of it. Haven’t been couchlocked in years.


It’s when you’re heart races and you’re randomly stoned for a few days. Kinda fun, but not at work.

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I have a friend who had his gall bladder removed, he claims he’s invincible to edibles.

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When I was smoking 5+ grams of dabs and a quarter of weed per week, I tried 300mg and nothing, went to 500mg and still nothing. I ate over a gram, pulled a whitey and was puking for 5 hours. I’ve since quit smoking and now 40-50mg is perfect.

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I wonder if there a limit to how much THC a body can process.

The reason I took so much syrup is that I never get anything from edibles. Not the same
With syrup apparently.

If you eat something high in saturated fat just prior or with the edible it supposedly hits harder, even if you extracted the THC in a oil/butter initially.

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Yeah, eating 3 10mg edibles is plenty for me. More like 2 for a fun evening.

I don’t fuck with large amounts at once anymore. Usually 80-100. It gets out of hand real quick. Last time I had 1000mg they found me in Deebo’s chicken coup. Only my momma could get me out.


10-20mg for me and I’m good. I don’t smoke or take them except every few months

So for people that take a lot. Does a pax get you high? I know a girl and she can’t get high off it.

None, edibles are for lowlives. As are most who do recreational drugs.

Best question Ive heard in years.

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Dunno how much it was (refined oil/tinture) but I couldn’t remember what I did for a living, or my sister’s name (after remembering I had one, haha).

Without doubt the most fucked I’ve been on thc.

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Here come the “BIG BOYS” in this forum… “I HAD THAT or I HAD THIS”

This fucking thread got to me.

So I ate a grandma’s edibles 240mg chocolate bar on sat. Worked in yard all day, not a single feeling of buzz. Nada.

I vaped oil all day. That’s my go to. Playing w leaf a bit but don’t like the smoke. Ariezer solo one high giving me a nice pull with leaf now. It’s ok, but oil better imo.

Best weed I’ve had yet might be bountiful farms in Natick ma. They had some rosin that was incredible, smelled amazing. Hit great.

Of course… because nobody is allowed to enjoy any recreational drug use or they are bad. Great logic. Let me guess, you also think all women are terrible whores who want to take half your shit and ruin your life…ok maybe this was not the best example.

The people who can’t handle adults having a little weed/alcohol/mushrooms etc… are puzzling.

I’ve never eaten an edible, but I am shuddering. Had an ex girlfriend freak out on 5mg. Seeing these numbers has me shook! lol

Your mom, and that recreational drug was my dick.