The most expensive photograph in the world (pic)


Antelope Canyon photo sells for record $6.5M



The world's most expensive photo depicts Arizona's Antelope Canyon, near Page on the Navajo Reservation.

Landscape Photographer Peter Lik sold his print, titled "Phantom," for $6.5 million to a private collector in November.

The black-and-white photo depicts an underground cavern inside Arizona's Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon formed as rainwater eroded the stone into narrow passageways.

The canyon, first opened to the public in 1997, attracts photographers and sightseers to marvel at its uniquely smooth, flowing corridors and arches, Navajo Nation parks officials said.

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looks like a ghost

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We bought a limited run large color artists print of this photo from his gallery. It is now worth anywhere from $45k-$100k spending on market factors.

Even on the low end well worth what we originally paid for it.

Have another print of his now worth $25k

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Art collectors have to be the most gullible people on earth. They are just trying to buy accolades. If you didn't know who took this photo and someone walked up to a millionaire and tried to sell it without any background whatsoever, you'd be escorted out the door after being laughed at.

Is this the color print?


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Is this the color print?


Yep. Phone Post 3.0

I am sure a lot of you have seen this one. It has been featured on several, including Pawn Stars. It was taken by Peter Lik and his work fetches big $.

Just google his name and do a GIS search. I bet you recognize at least one of them.

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Is this the color print?


Yep. Phone Post 3.0
Color one looks more bad ass Phone Post 3.0

There's a lens flare in that pier he related to JJ Abrams ?