The most famous person you had teh sex with?

I also fucked this porn star from the earlier 2000's. I don't mind saying her name since she was cool and fucked for a living. She was newer to porn when we banged so her pussy wasn't beat pastrami yet. 


Goes by the name of Domino. She’s a skinny Latina with long hair and AOC teeth. 

scrapdo - 
Windfall -The OG would say she looks like a 12 yr old boy.

Tell me more?

She has great style. She gets paid to travel the world, and pretends to give authentic reviews of hotels, and products.

She has A cups. Her tiny SEA hands make even a UGer hog look like an OGog hog.


Not really famous.  She’s an author.  One of her books was adapted to a movie that did reasonably well

Ashley Juggs.  Did some soft core work. One of the dumbest people I have ever spoken to.  But those mammaries though.......

PTA - 

not known at the time, but an ex is a relatively famous mommy blogger now (crazy)

What's her site??!? :-)

I use to buy pot from Penny Flames sister and we would fuck occasionally.

Never fucked Penny but does this still count!?  She would lose her shit if you called her Penny tho.

Popular radio dj at the number 1 radio station in Duluth MN while in college... so no one really.  Did give me cred with my buddies. 

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Thewandi -
pendejopresident -

Dallas Mavericks dancer

 great white buffalo

Great white Buffalo 

IG famous quadriplegic makeup artist 

A former Miss Arkansas from the 90’s. I’m 51 so this was back in the late 90’s. Fun to fuck. Crazy as a shithouse rat!

Knuckle Punch -

Was a girl named Heather in my high school who banged minimum 50 dudes thru my group in 3 years, myself included. She loved skaters and sleepovers. Ended up giving tons of guys crabs and getting pregnant at 17. Her  parents threatened everyones parents that banged her even ones from  like a year before she got pregnant. She ended up just being gone and never being heard from again. Rumor is parents sent her away to live with other family far away

She was pretty well known, every guy fucked her and every  girl wanted to beat the shit out of her instantly anywhere so could be considered famous

Was this in TN?  

uniquetechnique -

Didn’t have sex with her but had a lot of Phone Time with Alicia Siverstone and also Christina El Mousa from Flip or Flop

Does she lisp when she talks dirty?


Had a sex dream about prime Shannen Doherty last night. It was nice but for some reason it was on some platform or scaffolding high above a mall and my wife was walking around the mall and eventually came looking for me. Fucking bitch ruined my chance that I have been waiting 25 years for.

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Siciliano -

I walked in on Cyndi Lauper giving my uncle head in 1990.

Please tell full story 

Not super famous but a former Real World cast member. It was right before the season they were on. He wasn't as much of a douche in person. 


Girl from Hollyoaks, now a woman from hollyoaks

That rap guy Snow, we were in prison together at the time so it was ok

LOL @ Ashley Juggs

OldSchoolMike - That rap guy Snow, we were in prison together at the time so it was ok


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Captain Canuck -
OldSchoolMike - That rap guy Snow, we were in prison together at the time so it was ok


A leaky bum-bum now!

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