The most frustrating part of Shogun's loss...

He looked physically capable of winning. But he stuck to a stupid gameplan!

When he realized he was getting tuned up on the feet he should've made it a GnP fight and worked for sub opportunities! When him and Alex were on the mat he seemed to have a massive advantage. Alex wasn't doing much damage from top and seemed to be fighting off subs most of the time.

I don't like playing Monday morning quarterback but its just frustrating knowing he could've won if he'd just adapted in the fight. Phone Post

I think Gufstasson is just a better fighter. Jon Jones 2.0.

But the good news is that Shogun looked great in defeat and can see him having some more exciting fights in the figure (vs. Machida 3?). Phone Post

figure = future* Phone Post

Jon Jones 2.0? Jones would beat Alex easily.

Kost, with all due respect how the hell is a guy who could have gone 2-1 on the cards against Shogun a 2.0 version of a guy who obliterated Shogun?

i think gustaffson could definitely be better than jones,gotta think about where theyre at right now.
if gustaffsons smart hell take his time moving up the ladder like jones did,he could easily be the next guy.

I have spoken! Phone Post