the most under-rated fighters are?

Who do you think the most under-rated fighters are???

1- Ken Shamrock, not great but not as bad as everyone makes him out to be
2- Joe Riggs, Bad run he had but still not that bad
3- Marcus Hicks, a name people should seriously watch for
and the list goes on, who is yours?


Pretty much everyone thinks Sherk is one of the 3 best guys at LW. How the fuck is he underrated?

LIGHTWEIGHT DIVISION (160 pounds and lower)

1 Lightweight Fighter in the World: Takanori Gomi

  1. Hayato Sakurai

  2. Gilbert Melendez

  3. Tatsuya Kawajiri

  4. Shinya Aoki

  5. Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro

  6. Joachim Hansen

  7. Mitsuhiro Ishida

  8. Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto

  9. Sean Sherk

John Fitch has been kinda flying under the radar

Hector Munoz!!

I don't think Riggs is underrated, he just doesn't perform to potential. I
always thought his potential was pretty well known by this point.

Think Vitor without the hot wife or as high profile or....

Wow Sherk hasn't fought in between all of the Sean Sherk: Overrated
threads and now he's on the underrated threads.

Why? Because he trains hard? Or is it because he's ripped?

I don't get it? I supported him on all of those threads and i will say he's
underrated but damn its funny how the UG operates.

'smac was on a thread last week discussing top 10 at 155 and was joining in on a Pride fanbois circle jerk condemming Sherk even be considered top 10 at 155."

He should not be ranked in the top 10. He is however IMO one of the top 3 LWs in the world (as I said REPEATEDLY on that thread.

The two have NOTHING to do with each other. You earn a top 10 ranking, and Sherk has not earned a top 10 ranking. He has never beat a top 10 fighter at ANY weight EVER in his career.

He has NEVER beat a top 20 LW in his career.

Could he? Almost certainly, but to be ranked in the top 10 you need to fight and beat top 10 ranked fighters.

It is ridiculous and disrespectful to the fighters who have earned a spot in the top 10 to just put someone above them based on what you think.

But hey, it's cooler to lie about what I said and be a little bitch than it is to tell the boring truth.

This is why BJ Penn is not ranked in the top 10 at LW (or at WW for that matter).

Suggesting Sherk is in the current LW top 10 should be condemned. It is a giant fuck you to the guys who have earned the recognition.

I'm with smac1 on this one. I definitely think that Sherk could very well be the best lightweight in the world today.

However, he's only had one match at LW against florian. It's kinda hard to rank a guy very high with only one fight in the weight class.

Din Thomas

Ha! You cared enough to write that.

"As for Yoshida, I'd say he has been overrated (people thought he would beat Thompson)."


Subbing top 10 HW Mark Hunt, Subbing Frye, Royce Gracie, Tamura...

He was KICKING THOMPSON'S ass until he fell through the ropes and bonked his head.

If yoshida played it safe and just went for the ground game he would have destroyed Thompson easily.

"Ha! You cared enough to write that."

When are you fighting again?

Pawel Nastula

I agree with all who say Sherk.

Also Nick Diaz.

Telfo I totally agree

TTT fot Din

"Din Thomas"

i think he is more unknown by casual fans than underrated. everyone who has seen him fight (especially his last fight) know the guy has mad skills.

he looked so good in his last fight.. that take down off the punches was freaking amazing.

I always figured Rigs was over-rated.

I think Nate Marquardt is a guy that people dismiss too easily.