The most underrated in game dunker ever


Lol. He was behind me in line at the phoenix open in the 16th hole suite a few years ago. Drunk to the point I could barely understand him and he thought I was bill. We had a great 10 minute conversation  and then we ordered a shot and a whiskey and coke together...and that concludes today's cool story bro  story of the day. Additionally, jeff Samardzija was behind us in line giggling the whole time. The end.

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Best white dunker ever 


story checks out

Air up there.   Holy cow that guy could come off the floor. He did an in game 720, 10 years before anyone could scrape them in, with no one in the gym.

The few games I actually played with him, his fucking head spent more time above the rim than below it.

It turned into a " who could throw the most preposterous pass "contest because he would catch anything.

Made it look easy.

How tall was he?

And why did they dribble the ball back then?

Why do I see a "The most underrated in game drunkard ever" spin in the near future.

That or for those with better imaginations, "The most underrated bi/gay OGer ever" 


Baron Davis 

I remember, in one of the old NBA live games, he was like center sizes but was the only dude that size who could jump well. The minute you got to the paint with him and tried to shoot, he’d go dunk. You could be at the free throw line, press shoot and Chambers would float to the basket and dunk. 

Averaged over 18 pts/game for his career.

Lol. Didnt know he got caught, but he was sauced and it was barely noon.

The cut scene dunks in DOUBLE DRIBBLE gotta be Tom Chambers. 

Kenny sky Walker…

Shaq is the correct answer.

Dude was objectively the best in game dunker of all time until very recently, yet people rarely mention him.