The Mountain looking very odd!

I’ve been around a few strongmen for competitions. the heavyweights sound like they are struggling to breath at all times. Including just sitting down beside you. I would say he’s much healthier now


Few people have the resources.

He looks weird. But more importantly I’m gutted that Eddie has dropped out. If they’ve got a replacement in then it doesn’t sound like they’re going to reschedule it for a future date then?

I heard he has a small weewee. BEEP!

toy story cup GIF

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Don’t need a big wee wee when your gf is this small. Everything looks big in comparison then.

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We are talking about his looks though not what he did.

Athletic? Are you retarded? He was strong as fuck juiced to the moon, but not athletic

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He’s 19 there? If so, I’m surprised he isn’t bigger. His body must respond amazingly to steroids and weights

True, putting even 8-10kg ~22lbs of pure muscle makes u sweat like its fast pace walk, but you just standing in grocery shop, resting heart bpm increases by -10-15beats

He better not fuck up Larratt’s eyeballs.

That’s the only reference I can see to the date of that photo. 2006 would make him 17/18 - still crazy

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He is a cry baby and a narcissist. Really not a good person at all. He makes Corky look like a supermodel


Pure BJ Penn in regards to having a bunch of yes men around him. Don’t get me wrong. He was one of the best strongman ever, but boy does his sycophants take the fun out of it.

WSM releasing the backstage footage of him complaining about being beaten by Hall really cut the legs out from under his complaints about being cheated. Just made him look like a bad loser.

What’s crazy to me is that he’s 330 lbs here. When those pic got posted he said he weighed 150 kg. When he was The Mountain he was 450-460 lbs!