The movie, Lucy

Wtfing F kinda shit was that?

It was a movie

I actually fucking liked that monstrosity.


It was the most beautiful piece of shit I've ever seen.

Next to Tree of Life.

Absolutely unbearable shit.

started out ridiculous and just got worse.


Did not enjoy it was a little bored, was well put together though so i'll give it that

I thought the movie was fun until the end. Plus, ScarJo was fine as fuck in it.

It's hard to connect with a character who's (intentionally) devoid of emotion.

Add to that a ridiculous plot and absurd storyline and it's destined for disaster.

Great movie.

Tons of potential but just couldn't quite nail it. Will watch again just because.

The ending lacked any sense of suspense. Considering that Lucy was handing armed thugs their asses midway through the movie, and it only got worse for those thugs as the movie progressed. The ending trying to pit more guys with guns vs Lucy ended as expected.

I'm surprised so many hated it.  I took it for what it was.  A fun ride of a film based on a false premise.  I've seen far, far worse from your average 300 million dollar mega budget comic book movie.

Love it.. Quite entertaining

I liked this part







That the movie where she turns into a flash drive? Lol

Hollywood wants scar jo to be an action star and it's terrible 

I liked it, but I'm a sucker for those "full brain use" movies like Limitless.

"I saw it, and completely forgot I saw it. "

This. Well, didn't forget I saw it, but don't remember it enough to sketch out a synopsis. Not a good sign.


Jhay - That the movie where she turns into a flash drive? Lol