The Myth of the Tall Point Guards?

So as a I go through forums like Lakersground and other places (which I can't post at cause they won't take yahoo addresses), I read a lot of people ranting and raving over Sasha Vujacic.

Vujacic is a 19 year old they drafted in the first round. Rudy has barely played him, which of course makes Laker bandwagoner all pissy, because they all saw highlights of him in some summer league and they think he's a future hall of famer that Rudy isn't giving respect to. These are the same Laker fans who think Tierre Brown is 'special'. Rudy now says he'll try to find the kid minutes. Of course the Laker fans were laughing at the Spurs on draft night because the Lakers picked before SA and got Sasha, while the Spurs had to settle on some loser named Beno.

Anyways, the kid is 6'7" with short arms who scored well in Italy and is supposed to be the next Magic or some shit. Because he makes some nice passes.

Which got me to thinking . . .

There will probably never be another Magic.

Every damn year people go on and on about some 6'7" or 6'8" guy who because he can pass on the break while looking the other way is supposed to be the next Magic. People were even buying that stupid hype about Lebron James which I laughed my ass off at. He was no point guard. Lucky for the Cavs it didn't even take them half a year to figure that out for themselves before they got themselves a real point guard.

So many guys play out of position, just because they are tall and can dribble. The list is long. Steve Smith, one time point guard. Penny Hardaway, one time point guard who played best when Shaw was at PG. Jalen Rose, played out of position for years.

Hell, Doc Rivers lost his job over him and Gabriel's obsession with drafting a tall point guard. So they pass up guys like Tony Parker for Jeryl Sasser. Then, having still not learned his lesson, Doc goes back into the well for Reece Gaines, another tired 2 playing the one.

Will no one ever learn? Magic was special. Maybe you can get a Kidd at 6'5". But people need to stop putting these 6'8" guys at point guard because they can pass okay. Manu Ginobili can pass like whoa, and there were plenty of fans who wanted him to be the back-up point. When he finally was given the job as a last resort, he proved was no point guard.


Sasha will eventually be best at SG or maybe even the 3. Maybe some spot PG minutes to spell some guy in foul trouble, but he's just another casualty in the long war to find the next Magic.

the only 6'7" point guard l.a. should be talking about is marco jaric

jaric is a 2 guard and he's killing the Clips at the point.

great post dr. boudreaux. I have a laugh every year listening to draft "experts" talk about big pg's. Magic is an anomaly, period. Almost every pg is between 5'10" and 6"4".

someone with an account at a Laker forum should post this there, learn them sons some special knoweledge.

"jaric is a 2 guard "

of course

"and he's killing the Clips at the point.'

do they have a better option?

The Mighty Rick Brunson, Temple 4 Lyfe son


And the GM should be shot for not having a starting quality PG on what is a very talented roster. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

to be fair, that high school PG they drafted is out with a dislocated knee-cap.

Yes, and if he ends up being an effective PG at 6'7" your original point will still be correct.

I'd just be pissed as a Clips fan because they also went through much of last season without a PG. They really should be a playoff team, the rest of the lineup is damm good


i thought the dude was 6'4", my bad

does wilcox start at center? i thought kamen did.

either way, they have a nice front line.

Wilcox barely played against the Spurs the other day if i heard the announcer right.

Vujacic showed promise. I wanted him to get more minutes.

And what's wrong with Tierre Brown?

Clippers have the next great, big PG, 19 yr old Shawn Livingston is for real!

 Player Photo Shaun Livingston #14   |   Point Guard   |   Los Angeles Clippers
Height: 6-7       Weight: 182       Born: Sep 11, 1985 - Peoria, Illinois       College: None
Draft: 2004 - 1st round (4th overall) by the Los Angeles Clippers

Profile  |  Splits  |  Career Stats  |  Game Log  |  News & Notes  |  Photos


mark my words!

"And what's wrong with Tierre Brown?"

Most Laker boards I read have most of the posters wanting him out of town. Ask them.

Lakers are getting raped at the PG and SF spots. I thought Atkins would be sufficient, but he might not be. Also, contrary to popular? opinion, Caron Butler sucks major ass. And he's not good at basketball.

"Also, contrary to popular? opinion, Caron Butler sucks major ass. And he's not good at basketball."

and he makes goofy faces when he punches scrubs in the stomach.

Caron Butler has a funny-looking face. He looks like some sort of animal, but I can't figure out which.