the 'Nam

anyone else remember this comic series? I still have the two issues featuring Punisher. It was like a crossover or comibination of Punisher War Journal and the 'Nam.

Is that the one with Zombies?

Speaking of which who was that voice in Franks head during Punisher Born... Angel of Death or something?

Born sucked IMO.

I have the first 10 issues of the Nam.  The point was that it was supposed to be a comics telling of a real life soldier's tour of duty with an infantry company in Nam.  The writer of the series was the guy who actually served.

It started out really strong in sales, when sales started lagging they started taking a lot more artistic liscense, to the point where the original concept was practically non-existent.

"One detailed Frank's time as a sniper trying to capture a guy by the name of The Monkey. It was a younger Frank on his first tour in Vietnam."---

 Yep, that's the one I have!

The voice in Frank's head in BORN was either the devil/Mephisto or the psycotic part of his brain.

"the psycotic part of his brain"

You know I hadn't considered that. Being that it was a comic universe I thought some Mephisto type, but Frank does act like a serial killer so that makes it a little bit cooler for me.

Mike Golden art.

"The 'Nam" v1, #8 is one of my top 20 favorite comic books.

I used to get The 'Nam as a kid and it was great (for being CCA approved anyway). I need to look around and make sure I still have all those. The first year or two were really good.

But it was a little weird. Like they would call the new recruits 'greenies' instead of 'cherries'. Not because there's anything wrong with 'cherry' but obviously the explanation would get a bit hairy (no pun).

I wonder how The 'Nam would benefit from a modern update in a more mature format (Vertigo or otherwise).

Similarly, I wonder if anyone would have the stones to do the same thing, but place it in Iraq.

I mean, I'm not even a soldier, but the stories I hear from my patients day in and day would not believe some of the stuff (both good and bad) that our guys see over there. I think a lot of them would appreciate it if someone told their story, warts and all, in a comic.

Tangent to that - I saw a guy yesterday who was one of the first pilots shot down over Vietnam. The man was in a POW camp for *7* years, he was starved so bad he went partially blind (beri beri). He said he and his fellow prisoners (who still keep in touch in chat rooms now, even though they're all in their 60's and 70's) joke about John McCain being a rookie, as he was there "only" five years. I was supposed to spend 60 minutes on my clinical interview with this guy, and yet I had to force myself to move him to his other appointments after 2 hours, the stuff he was telling me was so engrossing that I couldn't stop listening. I've had the same thing happen with D-Day survivors, too - these old men make me feel unworthy even to share the room with them, given their courage and strength of character.

(sorry for the hijack)

I'd buy a 'Nam mini written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Eduardo Risso.

Nice story, Ted. And keep up the good work. Those men and women need you, man.