The name of an arena in Thailand??

I was talking with my thai boxing coach one day and he told me of a place where they hold fights in thailand that he has been to. He says that they have a mote around the arena with crocodiles in it. It's the same place where they hold the kings birthday tournament. Does anyone know the name of that place? Thanks.


I think thats Lumpini Stadium that your talking about.

The King's Birthday is not held in Lumpini, it's at an outdoor arena. Lumpini is actually pretty small.

Can't remember the name of the place but I think it's just outside of Bangkok.

Crocodile Farm Stadium is its name in English. Don't know how to say it in Thai. Sanarm Choraked-something would be my guess.

I don't remember where exactly this stadium is located, but I've seen tapes of some great fights from this stadium. I remember watching some of Rambah M-16's more exciting fights happening at this stadium.

Khun Kao

Does Rambah M-16 have any fights that are not exciting?


You've joined us!!!! THANK GOD! Great to have you aboard here at MMA.TV! I look forward to chatting with you more!

And yes, you're right. I have NEVER seen a Rambah M-16 fight that was anything less than exciting! By the way, do you know where one could find any footage of his current MMA fighting? I've heard that he's moved onto MMA-NHB fighting in Japan, and that his fights are as exciting as ever!!!!

Brooks (Khun Kao)

Isn't there a moat around Lumpini park?

I was just in Thailand and there are only 2 major gyms in Bankok one is the Lumpini arena and I forget he other but tickets usually went for 1200-1600baht for ring side....expensive as shit for Thai baht.


there's no moat around lumpini.. he's not talking about lumpini or ratchadamoen