The "necessity" for BCAA/Arginine/etc. supps.....

I just wanted to know your guys' thoughts.

I picked up a small bottle of Arginine caps today that I'll be using (between 2.5-3g a day), but have also been reading up on the associated BCAA powders/caps, as well, and was curious to know who else here uses them.

And yes, I know everyone's going to say that supplements aren't necessary and such, but aside from that, on a more advanced level, what are you own experiences with them and why do you choose to use them?

I'm currently on a bodybuilding kick, and will continue to do the associated style of workouts for at least the next 6 months or so, and wanted to tinker with some new experiences and "semi"-"essential" supplements.

FWIW, I'm also taking 5g of creatine a day in order to stimulate some additional growth.

it's all bullshit. supplements are marketed as working like real drugs, but are bullshit. the fda was going to regulate them until Big Supp fought back.

Basically, if you want to go chemical, use the real stuff (test, gh, etc)

Many folks will have BCAA's in that "semi-essential" realm as you say, but i don't think they are all they are cracked up to be. BCAA's leaving the blood after exercise is critical for other nutrients to access the brain. I'd say leave out the BCAA's and arginine.

Creatine, on the other hand, is an excellent supplement.

Arginine is excellent for boners (from experience).

All arginine does is increase your "pump" - that temporary swelling of your muscles while you work out. Doesn't help your gains long term. So if you like to flex and pose in the mirror during your workout, admiring your swollen muscles, and want to maximize this effect for your viewing pleasure, it might be necessary for maximum effect.

BCAA's on the other hand- not necessary if you're taking a quality whey supplement. Whey is high in BCAA's...