The new Bisping doc is amazing

Seriously one of the hardest workers and craziest rises to the top. Didn’t realize how much of a Rocky story this was until I seen this. Check it out if you wanna a good doc and inspiring story!



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On Amazon , Apple TV, google play and YouTube


How many people does he spit on during the doc?

lol I remember in the early days of my UG experience I enjoyed watching him fight just to see him lose thanks to the UKTT.

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What’s up Bisping and having a fake eye? Was that to protect a surgery or is it permanent?

Permanent… tore his retina. Last few fights of his he couldn’t see out of it and had to fake the doc exams.

He talks about it on the last JRE he was on

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Ok. I saw a clip of him pulling it out and didn’t know.

He’d look like a James Bond villain with an eye patch.


Seriously if your a hater, give this a chance. I’ll bet you that will change. You won’t be disappointed

Is he going to watch it with one eye?

Always was a fan since TUF. He got a lot of flak but was always fun to watch.
Doc looks amazing. Will watch

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If you like this Doc, check out “Inmate #1 rise of Danny Trejo” made by the same guys who made this . These guys kill it in the doc world. Phil heath, Dolph Lundgren amd Arturo Gatti coming soon