The new guy... just sayN hello

I really enjoyed this site.... love MMA. I'm a green belt in Jiu-Jitsu w/ ATT. Look forward to meeting new MMA fans.

green belt?

green belt?? you must be a youngin or a troll.

sorry. naw- just forgot about  ATT's jiu jitsu green belt.

"Hi KKM" in 3.....2....1.....


He's legit. I am the Tai Chi teacher for ATT.

Definitely legit. I'm in charge of midget wrestling for ATT.

He's legit, I teach thumb wrestling for ATT.

I can vouch for him as well.  I teach steer wrestling at ATT.

He is an imposter. I teach belt dyeing at ATT.

you guys are shouldbe ashamed ;-)


He's legit... I teach bumfighting at ATT.

Ever seen a grown man naked sirjitsu?

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Although green, orange and yellow are considered kids belts (under 18), due to American culture of wanting instant gratification, influx of "white collar professionals and tuff fans, some schools have inserted colors in their white belt curriculum so that students see some type of accomplishment and moving up in ranks...just to keep them motivated and interested while still at a lower rank.

Not saying this is the case at ATT, but I've heard of it in a few schools.

he's legit, i teach chilean headbutt fighting at ATT...

he's legit I'm the bouncer at ATT. LOL!

Hi KKM/SoG/Daniel Boone/Spell Checker/Mystery Celeb/OMA/CBB......


He's legit. I teach formal dining etiquette at ATT.