The new hotness and the new stupid

New Hotness in MMA: Judo throws.

New Stupidity: Giving up your back.

giving up your back is fine if you know how to defend from there

apparently they don't teach that anymore though

Jason, why don't you have a green name?

Bwahaha, I'm an idiot.

Dan Hornbuckle, not jason.

Judo throws are great. I love doing them in the gym! lol

Harai O Goshi... Twice.

And Judo choke Kata Gatame.

Never mind, I'm an idiot, Dan Hornbuckle, not jason.

yeah i'm not a pro or even an amateur

No, it's because the level was lower.

Most people didn't know what a RNC was from a hole in the ground.

New stupidity: Keeping it Standing when you are a lot better than your opponent on the ground.

Judo and BJJ go together so well. It should be the wave of the future.

Brasky: It's a 2 inch strip from the back of the spine up to form a mohawk, still plenty of head to hit.

In addition I think the "no knees or kicks to a downed opponent" rule is stupid too. See Frank Shamrock vs Renzo Gracie. The rule should be that you can't kick or knee a downed opponent from a standing position. That would eliminate all the messy foot stomps and soccer kicks (think wanderlei). There's a lot of offense from the guard that can be implemented if the bottom man is allowed to upkick and knee a guy in his guard. Being on the bottom of side control also becomes much more dangerous.

I was surprised to see Manny stomping on Nate's feet in the clinch though. I thought that stupid shit had faded away for good.