The New King

No, not Andrew Stockdale the Wolfmother dude...

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Damn! The embedding didn't take. I'll keep trying.

No idea why that didn't take from you, Relayer -- I just copied your text and pasted it. (It might possibly have something to do with font changes? No idea, really).

And nice work finding that vid!

Thanks, Ali!

To those of you unfamiliar with his work, the new king to which I refer is the incomparable Amon Tobin.


Wow, that was bouncy to the extreme! This will sound dumb after watching the video, but is Amon the same guy from Montreal who creates video collages that form funky grooves and songs?

"Damn! The embedding didn't take. I'll keep trying. "
I find I have to edit the post for it to take...don't ask me!

Hey DasBeaver! Glad you enjoyed the clip! Yeah, it must be the same guy although beyond a couple of audio-video teasers that he's put together to pimp his forthcoming cd, I'm not familiar with any of his video collages (unless you are referring to music videos that have been done for some of his tunes). He is originally from Brazil and moved to the UK when he was around 14, I believe. He now lives in Montreal. Here are the two video teasers from his new record, "The Foley Room"...  (provided the embedding takes) Hope you enjoy! 

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Being Relayer's amanuensis....


Thanks again for all the cd's from way back.Ye keep on rockin'!

Wow, that stuff is cool. I don't think its the same guy I was thinking of.
Must be something in the water out there, have you heard of Kid Koala?

Hey Majic Sam! lol. I can't even remember what I sent you! It has been a couple of years already, hasn't it? Hope things have been great w/you & yours!

Thanks for the feedback on the Tobin clips, Das Beaver. Glad you dug them! Thanks also for the Kid Koala vid. Cool stuff! I have only heard bits and pieces of his music. I'll have to check him out some more. Have you heard any Dub Trees, Black Star Liner, Suns of Arqa, Sounds from the Ground, or Euphoria? Also, The Fireman "Rushes" is sheer audio bliss imo, as well.      

Isn't that funny, Relayer... I have only recently just checked out Dub Trees, Black Star Liner, Suns of Arqa, Sounds from the Ground, Euphoria, and The Fireman "Rushes"....

What're the chances???

lol. Pretty obscure bands (in the US anyway), too. What a coincidence!  ;  ) Well, you ARE basically a living encyclopedia of all things musical and pretty-much hear everything imaginable eventually, so I wouldn't have been too shocked had I not known your source.  :  ) So what was your verdict?

I haven't heard of any of those, I'm pretty behind on my listening this

Since my divorce and banishment to the San Fernando Valley, I haven't really been up to speed at all either -- the joke here is that Relayer personally turned me on to all this music recently.

Verdict is -- I like all of it in small doses, some of it in large doses (Tobin and The Fireman, in particular, can withstand extended listening) and... well... Some of it just makes me want to get altered. And alcohol won't do it.

lol. ...not necessarily stoned but beautiful.  ;  )

If any of you are interested, here is the web address of a site where somebody posted a couple of extended clips from the forthcoming Tobin record.

More, courtesy Relayer -- Amon Tobin "Deo"

Thanks, Ali! 

I just remembered I forgot to mention Tripswitch! Another serious find imo. Don't believe me? Go to itunes and download "Exiled."  

if you hit the "Source" button on the top left-hand side of the pro HTML editor, you can embed the youtube videos without any problems.

The new king? Did Aphex Twin, BT, and Squarepusher all die?