The New King

King Louis isn't really dead, either. He's just asleep.

Thank you for the embedding tip, Man in Block.

sonicbionic - I haven't really heard all that much Aphex Twin. Based on somebody's strong recommendation I bought the "Richard D. James" cd. Really tried to dig it but I guess it just ain't my thing. I have 3 BT cd's also. Again, I've really tried to get into them too but they just don't do much for me. IMO nowhere even close to Tobin. But hey to each his own. I haven't really checked out too much Squarepusher. If you give me some specific recommendations for any of those three artists I will definitely give them a listen. I am always in the market for more great music.

Aphex Twin--Selected Ambient Works, or the Windowlicker single.

BT--Flaming June, Godspeed, Hip Hop Phenomenon, Fibonacci Sequence. The last two are the best--he's a bit-crush master.

Squarepusher--Either Vic Acid for weird beepiness, or Big Loada for weird breakiness.

The thing with these guys isn't necessarily the composition (although they ARE good composers, for example BT {Brian Transeau} is classically trained and has written scores for quite a number of movies), it's the sounds they create. Amon Tobin is a GREAT sampler/programmer in his own right, don't get me wrong. The problem for me is with his style of music.

Amon Tobin is really good at what he does, but he's doing absolutely nothing different than what's already been covered ad nauseam by other jazz'n'bass guys like John B, Roni Size, Goldie, Shapeshifter, and the EZ Rollers. There's only so many times I can hear jazz samples in drum and bass and still enjoy it.

Maybe I'm just biased because jazz'n'bass annoys me for some reason.

Anyway, just check out those songs/CD's and ignore my rant, I'm tired and grumpy tonight.

I have never heard BT.... the others I have, some. But here's the clip I cold find of BT "Fibonacci Sequence", as recommended.

So far, I guess I like the jazz thing in this kind of music... and I haven't heard many who use the same sorts of jazz samples that Tobin does. Roni Size, Goldie.... when those guys use jazz, it's mellow, "cool" or "west coast" stuff, from what I've heard. Tobin is different.

I also find the whole firm-backbeat, mirror-ball discoboy thing in much of that music quite grating. Again, Tobin is different, from what I've heard.

Admittedly, I'm not really familiar with the larger oeuvre of many of these artists, and not familiar with others at all.

sonicbionic - I've chased down a couple of your recommendations. Thank you for taking the time to pass those along.

First off, I definitely get the Squarepusher-Tobin comparision, but only as respects Tobin's frenetic adhd-esque material. I heard Vic Acid and also bits and pieces of a few other songs. I haven't found Big Loada yet. I basically dug Squarepusher and would like to hear more. However, that frenetic adhd-esque type of material is my least favorite aspect of what Tobin does. My favorite Tobin tunes are songs like "Natureland," "Slowly," "Down & to the Left," "Rosies," "El Wraith," "Four Ton Mantis," "Mars Brothers," "Cat People," "The Nasty," "Deo," etc.

Of the Aphex Twin material I only found the Windowlicker single. I'll keep trying to get ahold of the Selected Ambient Works before I render too much of an opinion here. So far I'm still not blown away.

With BT I already had Flaming June. Good tune. I downloaded both versions of "Hip Hop Phenomenon" and it was easily my favorite of all of the things I've heard by any of those three artists. Pretty f-ing cool. "Fibonacci Sequence" was hard to hear on that YouTube clip but what I could discern sounded promising. I couldn't find "Godspeed." On the negative side, I heard some of BT's "Stealth" soundtrack. Yikes!

Anyway, thanks again for the recommendations. I'll keep checking 'em out!

Amon Tobin is a genius. I think he's one of the most talented and innovative artists currently working in any genre.