The new sam'n'max game....

any other old schoolers played the first episode?

i'm pretty sure the 2nd is out the end of this week.


Holy crap, I had no idea! The first one was pure genius, through and through.

i'm bending more f**king spoons....

yeah man, they've just relesed part 2 of the 6 part series,i thought it was later this week but it's already out. i'll find a link...

This is a sequel to "Sam and Max: Hit the Road"?

it's not exactly a sequel....well it is in the nightmare on elm st 2 sorta way i guess

I never played the game, but I had a demo of it that looked good. It came with the demo for a motorcycle game, I think they were both on Day of the Tentacle.

i am so pumped for this. i hope they bring back this genre