The NEW Team Shamrock President

for the weekend while Shamrock1fan is on a school field trip is Filthy Snow per Shamrock1fan. I will serve us proud!

First order of business, capnsavem is the NEW Defense Minister, as RHM fan is BANNED and hanging herself now.

You have true warrior spirit capn, I am going to demote ufc4life99, as he is not displaying his warrior spirit...I nominate capnsavem as VP of team shamrock.

As acting president, I accept this nomination.

Capn, I hereby grant you full acces to nominate whoever you want, and also demote anyone, as you are the new VP!

fags indeed trying to be like the mayhem monkeys not gonna happen

You are doing a fine job as new VP!

Nominations are approved! Job well done.

President Team Shamrock

Filthy Snow,

I hope you don't have an "accident" now that there's a rival team in the works.

Oh well.......

See ya bitch!

All nominations must be submitted to capnsavem for approval the new VP of Team Shamrock.

The well guarded President

Nice try you jerk bitches!! Not gonna happen, we'll smash your little heads into a living death!!

You'll soon see who team Shamrock are, were, and are now!!

So just go back to wearing suits, because that's ALL you are going to do, wear suits...

Monkey bitches

Kane Trojan

(THE REAL) Team Shamrock

Mr.Snow, there's a Miss Lewinsky on the phone....Good luck with the administration.

Oh "Big T-bagger", sucks to be a loner and not on the team doesn't it?

Well, that's what you get for having no warrior spirit...

Just go back to wearing a suit, before I heelhook your monkey ass!!

Hey Fags, what's up? Shamrock1fan is on business, yeah right. He's working double shifts at Dairy Queen so he can buy braces. That pimple faced half retarded jagg off.

The Pimp of Desert Lions Squad.

girls were girls and men were men. mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.....

LOL!! You dumb ass lil fags! RHM, I am highly dissapointed to see you posting again as i was hoping you had hung yourself.