The 'NEW' WW division...

It's the same as the old WW division. Let's take a look at some of the matchups...

Lawler vs. Hendricks

Condit vs. Lawler

Hendricks vs. Brown

Brown vs. Condit

Lawler vs. Brown

Diaz vs. Brown

Diaz vs. Hendricks

Lombard vs. Brown

Hendricks vs. Lombard

Diaz vs. Lombard

The list goes on. And that's just the strikers. Bring in the grapplers and we have...

Woodley vs Hendricks

Shields vs. Lombard

Brown vs. Woodley

Woodley vs. Lombard

Shields vs. Woodley


Then of course we have the rematches of fights that have already happened!

It's a never ending list of possible matchups...and I'm sure I fucked some of them up!

What's the one common denominator you ask???... No GSP.


All these fights could have happened before GSP retired. The 'belt' isn't everything. Way too much stock gets put into 'the belt' and who holds it. It's blinded us to the point that a fighter's talents get overlooked because they don't hold a belt or are fighting for a belt.

Thatsjustlikeyouropionman - The belt is everything. It's what the fighters fight for... Phone Post 3.0

I like good matchups and good fights. I don't really care if a belt is on the line.

Sure, it adds an element of excitement...but it's not the be all/end all. 

I just want the best fighter to win, even if I'm rooting for the other guy!

Johnny's gonna think he's unbeatable and get lazy like a diva. Ruthless is always ready and will light him up IMO. Phone Post 3.0