The Newest IFL Scorpion...

is a bad dude. Seriously, if he can do this:

yea its all fun and games until you need to make a phone call, and you realize "the joker" tore up the fuckin book


what most people don't know is how much of a humanitarian the joker is. despite having severly injured both hands only weeks prior and having ripped a first phone book mere minutes earlier in the hotel room, Joker suffered through this one so that we could all get free ice cream from Ben & Jerry's.

a true class act.

wow.. now that i have the full story i realize that the joker is truly an inspiration to us all. God bless him

I still can't believe I did that... That was some funny shit! For that group of boys I'd do anything!!!!

Miss you guys...

I am also a huge Joker fan---when he was with the TapouT crew at UFC 48, he pulled me into Rum Jungle with them---and recently at the IFL, he was super nice..i was ringside and saw 2-3 kids come up to him after his fight---and ask for autographes---he signed even though his hands were in a lot of pain...and he even chatted with the kids.

MMA athletes are so much better as a whole---if Tito is the worst of the bunch---that is WAY better then a league full of TOs

morning ttt!



Chris, no Ben & Jerry's for you! I'm very disappointed.

it was a kiddie size.

that was a work.  The phone book was paid to take the dive.

I was not chatting with those kids... I was telling them to get the hell out of my face and If my hands were not

sore I would have punched them. J/K Love meeting new people

Joker is always an upstanding dude!!!

Joker is the salt of the earth and I mean that.  The guy goes out of his way to make sure EVERYONE around him is having fun and laughing.  He drove out to Vegas for the TUF Finale without even being sure he had a ticket just to be there for J-Lau's fight because he said he would a few months earlier (Joe hooked Joker up with a ticket). 

I was so happy to see him... That was a great time!! I need Joe and the boys to come out here. I will hook up us some ice cream LOL

Joker. Not sure about Joe, but I'm planning a West Coast swing in September/October. Burbank to Valencia to Sacramento to San Jose. You somewhere around one of those places?

I am in Orange County... We are 30 min from every where! Can't wait , your gonna be a drunk as a skunk

when I'm done with you. If only I could get the STEVE'S and ADAM out here !!!!!!!!!

Jokee ,

Sorry to hear your boy lost at the Marriot the other night , Good Try , But on the bright side he didnt get suspended for roids !!! Hows Choke Liddell ?