The news media is all the same, either side

Fox 5 pulling a page from CNN's playbook with the covid stats while trashing Andrew Cuomo.

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Agreed. The evidence that these networks are completely full of shit is overwhelming at this point. Anyone that takes seriously anything that comes out CNN, MSNBC or Fox News is a fucking retard. Period. 

Agreed but at this point that's fair game considering all the trash the left has spewed about covid deaths, not to mention the whole nursing home thing.

I dont watch either but the left is getting a taste of their own medicine with this.

there's no diversity in our news. its all for-profit media. a handful of wealthy assholes are picking the stories they want you to hear.

there';s reason there so much racial animosity and why the british royal family is a bigger deal than 11 million new citizens that cut in line and are being rewarded with the ability to compete with americans for jobs as an incentive for illegally entering the country