The next big thing, MIKE VALLEY

I have no clue who this guy is, but I think he deserves props for what happens in this clip....

Imagine if he was trained, and in a match....


that clip has been floating around here for a few years now

My bad....

I just found it.

You gotta be kidding!!!

He has a DVD with more of this?

Oh hell yea....

Logging off to go to BEST BUY

WOw, a uch bigger and older guy intimidates a bunch of skinny young kids, pushes them around, but can't hurt any of them. The one little kid was still ready to go at the end.

I'm sure he's gotten his ass handed to him more often than not. Struggling to take down a 140 pound kid, and not being able to hurt him with your wild haymakers doesn't speak highly of your skill.

here we go again *rolling eyes*. valley is a badass when it comes to skating. he doesnt try to promote himself as a world class fighter. he even get his ass kicked on his own dvd and talks about it afterword...granted it was by a pro hockey player.



which hockey player? and is his last name valley?

ttt for the name of the hockey player who beat up Vallely. i'm curious as to who it was.

i dont remember his name. valley wanted to see how good he was at hockey fighting, on the ice with skates. so he got it set up with a pro(supposed to be on the badasses of the nhl)and got his ass handed to him. valley is still badass in my book.



jjchgo, you'd think he'd give BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Lindland, a hard time in a fight? Ok man, if you say so. I'd like to think those guys could beat up a 140 pound 16 year old though.

He should go to the filfy streets of London and challenge Lee Murray to a fight. I'm sure Lee would oblige him.

Doesnt he have some amatuer boxing fights? I heard he was pretty good on the amateur circuit..dont know where i heard it from though. and on the picture of his DVD hes carrying a belt...i dont know if its fake or what

Vallely would get smoked. He's nothing special at fighting. Move on.

I've seen that video before and after watching it again it deserves another DAMN! Vallely goes about 5' 10'' look at the guy he charges after, the guy that was laughing. That guy is a lot bigger than him. The others are all his height or taller. Plus he still took care of business knowing he had to watch his back. I think the moral of the story is if you call somebody a fag for skatboarding you might want to make sure that it isn't Mike Vallely lol.

lol... i've known vallely off and on for years too since i used to work in the industry...

he's definitely one of those guys with a short fuse who'll fight anyone... win or lose...

and i don't know about the amateur boxing thing that was mentioned, but i know he was pretty into pro-wrestling for awhile and tried to get involved in some smaller shows...

he's definitely fun to watch when he skates though 'cuz that "tough-guy... take on the world" attitude carries over and he tries some gnarly shit...

Here's a kinder, gentler Mike Vallely

The lightning bolt tattoos might make you think that some sort of fighting sport was his main gig and not skating if you didn't know who he was.

mike v also served a stint as a pro wrestler in a very minor circuit up north

still waiting to see the ryan dunn - nigel huddson rematch

Mike V. is cool, my younger brother has skated a few demos with him,..just doesn't take any crap.

where the did you get that i said anything about mike v. kicking any ufc fighters ass? i said he is badass...i could be talking about a number of things. mainly skateboarding. believe it or not there are people out there that are badass not just because they are pro fighters. that being said i dont see him backing down in any fight win lose or draw...that probably a hell of alot more then you can say.