The next phenom...

Tim Lincecum. Discuss. Supposed to debut Sunday. He will be unhittable. He is a different type pitcher than the other top prospects. He will strike out a lot of guys and walk his fair share as well. Check out his AAA numbers if you want to be impressed.

Is this the guy with the Giants?

there should be no such thing as hype anymore. Please outlaw this practice, because all the "hyped" guys have turned out to be shit:

Todd Van Poppel:  Shitty middle reliever.

Brien Taylor: Punched a guy in a night club. Never pitched an inning in the bigs

Mark Prior: Arm constructed completely out of plastic and surgical tubing

Kerry Wood: See Mark Prior

Gavin Floyd: Has been nailed more that Lindsay Lohan. HE SUCKS.

Please do not hype people.

Well a few flaws to your post. First off Wood nor Prior disappointed. They merely could not stay healthy. When at their peak they were among the elite pitchers in baseball.

Of the others you listed only Van Poppel was really hyped and that was mostly undeserved. Go back check it out. THe guy went 9-15 in the minors and had an ERA upwards of 4 when he was promoted at 19 to the majors. That was a massively breakdown in the system more than anything. To this day I can not see anything statistically that validates any decisions made in promoting Van Poppel so rapidly.

I presume you list Floyd and Taylor because they were high draft picks. That is fine and dandy, but such a high percentage of picks fail, what is the big deal? Floyd NEVER produced at a high level beyond AA. He was NEVER proclaimed to be the next big thing. He was drafted high and performed well at lower levels in the minors and never produced beyond AA. He is STILL only 24 and to label a guy a bust at 24 really isnt fair. Do I think he will turn out? Hell no, but he was NEVER the level prospect that Lincecum is viewed as right now. There is such a difference in being a good prospect and a phenom. Being drafted high does not make one a phenom, producing makes one a phenom.

The difference in Lincecum and others is simple, production. Rarely has anyone produced numbers like this...ever at any level. He was drafted 10th overall last year. He lasted to the 10th pick because people are concerned about his frame. He is a small guy with a different delivery(it does not put unnecessary strain on him it appears). After he was drafted he signed and pitched 8 games in low A and high A. In 31.2 IP he struck out 58(nearly 17 per 9) while walking just 12. He only gave up 14 hits(keep in mind this was AFTER a full college baseball season). He then went out and dazzled in spring training but they decided to send him to the minors. In his 5 starts in AAA(never threw a single pitch in AA) he threw 31 IP and struck out 46, while walking just 11. Opponents hit .119 off him. He allowed a total of 1 run in 31 IP.

Am I saying his will win 6 Cy Young's? Not at all. I am just saying there is more to get excited about than other phenoms. He could easily come in and struggle early on as many do. There is just so much pressure. Phil Hughes the other phenom to debut this year looked mediocre in his debut and thew 6 1/3 IP no hit ball before injuring himself...Lincecum is someone to get just as excited about. My advice is to pick him up in any fantasy leagues and hold him. If you are feeling saucy, put him in from day 1. He could easily go out and strike out 10 in his debut(or walk 8).

Good analysis, but again, i don't buy into hype until I see it.

Also, i forgot Rick Ankiel. He's playing Outfield in Double A now.

btw Brien Tayler was on the cover of Baseball USA and steinbrenner paid him a HUGE signing bonus to NOT go to college.  There was plenty of hype around him.

Also re: Wood and Prior, you ain't shit if you ain't on the field. Lots of guys with rocket arms are sitting at home with two bad knees.

Ted Lincecum so far: 1 IP, 2ER. Shane Victorino welcomed him to the bigs with a 2 run job. (watch him pitch bullets for the rest of the outing)

Typical debut. He pumped fastballs over the plate much of the game. You could see a really good fastball but he didnt show much else. I expect more in his next outing. He will get a better chance to work with the catcher and the pitching coach.

Ankiel was a better reference. He showed such promise at all levels. He simply was a head case. As a lifelong Cardinals fan I am all too familiar with him. The thing that everyone worries about with Lincecum is his frame and being injury prone. Time will tell I suppose. Supposedly he has the rubber arm and never has to ice his arm and he can go 130-140 pitches without issue(Dusty Baker wouldn't even have a pitcher throw that many).

(Dusty Baker wouldn't even have a pitcher throw that many).

I beg to differ, my friend!

Jeff Torborg, however would. (see AJ Burnett tossing 140+ pitches in consecutive outings)

i saw lincecum with fresno grizzlies. very very impressive. watched yesterday. in spite of first start watch for this guy to be a star.

Bailey is more of the classic fireballer type. Very very nice prospect. He will definitely be up sooner than later. The other elite pitching prospect is Yovani Gallardo. Both Bailey and Gallardo will be up with the first significant injury I imagine. The Brewers are playing so well they probably won't bring him up until they get the injury(maybe a double header or something). Gallardo is the least heralded of the 4 but he is right there with them. Nasty stuff as well. Great great year for major impact pitching prospects. In a regular year a guy like Kevin Slowey would be very hyped, but he is so under the radar because of those aforementioned 4. If you want to see more impressive stats check out Slowey...dynamic control and a killer K rate to match.

Good info.

I got a chance to watch him a bit yesterday against the Mets. Tough fastball and good late movement on all his pitches, but he's still a bit rough around the edges and gets too much of the plate at times (but that's to be expected with such a young guy). I think he's got a good future. He made some guys look really bad.

Season stats as of today:

ERA: 3.24
IP: 33.1
K: 33
WHIP: 0.99
BAA: .186

I saw Tim Lincecum against the Mets also. He's got great stuff. We were lucky to beat the Giants in extra innings. Great game, but we didn't beat Lincecum. He got a no decision, and only because of two bad pitches. He's gonna be real good.

Kevin Slowey debuts tonight. The next in a great group of SP prospects this year. Slowey as I said above is the control pitcher type that gets some strike outs. He had 5 walks in 64 IP in the minors this year(57 k's). Basically in the minors he was our classic dominating SP with a low BAA(which is what made him different from most control pitchers). I doubt he can maintain a low BAA in the majors but he could be good. He really is a Greg Maddux type. He throws any pitch for strikes anytime he wants. The thing that could get him hit hard early it simply not enough time to prepare properly. He is someone that is ultra prepared.

I really want Bailey and Gallardo to get up this year. It is looking more like Scott Elbert and Adam Miller won't debut this year due to injuries and once Gallardo and Bailey get up that will really be it.

as a twins fan, Slowey looks good with only a few starts this year. I like watching control pitchers....

I was gonna metion Verlander on this thread earlier this week.

I would guess we can all agree that he is the next phenom.


he was rookie of the year. his phenom-ness is over. he's an established A-level pitcher now, expecially after last night.

Lincecum is tremendous, the mechanics of his delivery remind me of a right-handed Koufax.

So many talented young pitchers about to break through soon - it should be interesting over the next couple years which ones become stars and which ones don't.

I like Lincecum, Hughes and Gallardo a lot.