The Notorious One

It's not often that a hype-train such as Conor McGregor actually comes to fruition. In fact, to be a fighter, to put in years of hard labor on your body only to get to display it for 15-25 minutes 3-4 times a year carries with it a sense of automatic confidence. Confidence kind of comes with territory I guess is what I'm saying, it's almost as redundant as the classic Roy Nelson brawl, or as the Liddell counter strike.
However, Conor doesn't just display confidence, he's hyper intelligent too. If you listen to his breakdown of the modern day mixed martial artist, and if you're honest with your perception of that, you'll find his notion of complacency is spot on.
I believe it's the evolution, the artistry, and improvisation of the top 1% that draws the excitement for the sport. Innovation is what we, as fans, love to see. Even more than an overpowering knockout, or a brutal brawl, we love to see mastery.
From Jon Jones mimicking his opponents style and being better, to Anderson's Matrix-esque, hands at his side telepathy, or Conor's ability to speak his opponents weaknesses into the air; that's what causes the adrenaline rush for us as fans, as supporters.
Love him or hate him, you have to respect his work ethic, his preparation, and his humility in victory.
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Well just reference his last fight with Glover. The consensus was that Glover needed to close the distance and use his dirty boxing to be successful. In fact many said he could knock the champ out with his power. However, Jones was the fighter who chose to keep it close, and used precision bullying, and innovative wall fighting technique to keep Glover helpless.
Or...don't you remember that fight? Phone Post 3.0