The NY Rangers are an embarrassment

The hand speed and combos vs May are fucking incredible…

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I have his Canucks jersey and he was one of my favorites ever. He actually had a nice set of mitts and scored some goals. His trilogy of fights vs Brandon Prust are legendary.

I’m sitting here reading comments online about the Wilson incident. People are calling for him to be arrested LOL. WTF happened and why are people so soft? Panarin was barking up the wrong tree anyways, lesson learnt


I got some serious entertainment reading all the people freaking out over Tom Wilson and watching clips of it too this morning. Pure meltdows. So many people want physical play banned without having the balls to just say it directly.

Many hockey fans have become pathetic and are reactionary, crying losers. They don’t want fights. They want the league to just ban players instead of even having a system of judging incidents individually and wishing for teams to police on ice actions themselves. This is how our society is now. Sad. The NHL doesn’t need to be the nanny for a sport that allows bare knuckle fist fights you goofs.

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I didn’t live that close, but me too loved the fighting as part of the game where the tough guys would step up and battle it out for their team. Tocchet is one of my all time favorite players. I loved a Lindros scrap, because that dude could throw. Fighting has been minimalized, and fighters no longer fight by the code, so it’s sad to see. I loved watching guys drop gloves and then throw off the helmet, you knew it was on.

Raging about how soft the NHL has become by crying about it repeatedly since last night … You started the thread, made your point in your first post - which as a hockey fan I mostly agreed with - now maybe move on already?

The local buzz about this is amazing. The viewership ratings for this (otherwise meaningless) game are going to he crazy.

Oshie is returning tonight, and the Caps will be starting Vanacek in net. The Rangers have been mum so far today.

It’s the Rags…what do you expect?

Well, the Rangers elected to respond by firing their president and GM. In the middle of an accelerated rebuild, while still 5 games above .500.

Jim Dolan is a joke.

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What they need is

He’s thought the toughest guy left in the league numerous times in Reaves and done pretty well for himself. Other than Chara (who doesn’t fight) and maybe Kassian in Edmonton who would you say rounds out the 5 toughest guys in the NHL?

Have to deal with Chara too now that he’s with the Capitals. Would love to see him ko’d before he retires.

Wilson has a history of questionable hits. Hockey still allows the teams to police those actions. If the Rangers don’t want to make Wilson pay for his actions then maybe they should switch over to figure skating. I would think that everyone on the Ranger is capable of making Wilson’s life hell every time he steps on the ice. If they are scared then keep getting bullied and type mean messages to the league.

Matt Martin has handled Wilson on numerous occasions.

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Talk about a backfire. I guess that 4th for Lemieux wasn’t really worth both getting fired? Shit is hilarious. Fuck em.

Tom Wilson is laughing at them.

Line brawl to start the game. All three forward pairs squared up.

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That didn’t take long

And then Brendan Smith jumps Wilson as soon as he steps on the ice.