The Octagon on My TeleSpace has been updated for April 2, 2010. My guest this week is M.M.A. fighter, Rodrigo Gracie from Torrance, California. Check out the Octagon on My TeleSpace at (575) 802-8125. It is a tree feature. Press option 1 for the Octagon weekly updates, press 2 for upcoming events, press 3 for events results, press 4 for M.M.A news, press 5 for Boxing & Kickboxing news, press 6 for Professional Wrestling News, press 7 for the fight of the month, press 8 for the fighter of the month, and press 9 for the advertisement corner. I'm also still looking for people who want to be guest critics on the show. If you're interested and you have good knowledge of boxing, kickboxing, and M.M.A. you can leave me a voice message at the Octagon. You can call the Octagon and send me feedback at any time by pressing the 4 key on your touch tone telephone. Also, you can leave me a message on my personal Lazer Voicemail Box at (206) 600-1629 or you can hit me up on Myspace at or e-mail me at You can also follow me on Twitter at

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