The Octagon on My TeleSpace has been updated for October 19, 2012. We celebrate our four year anniversary with part 1 of the 2012 Reunion Show. Co-hosted with Sandro Avellini from Durban, South Africa and Ronan McRonehey from Johannesburg, South Africa. My returning guests are Rachel Kemker, Barb Honchak, Rafaello Oliveira, Thomas Denny, Tony Lopez, Autumn King, Alexis Davis, Neil Grove, Stacy Hayes, Garreth McLellan, Demarte Pena, Dallas Jakobi, Trevor Prangley, Liz McCarthy, Norman Wessels, Kady-Shay O'Bryan, Raymond Ahana, & Cristiano Ndombassy (bonus interview). Check out the Octagon on My TeleSpace by going to or by calling +1 (832) 999-8125. The hotline is a tree feature. Press option 1 for the Octagon weekly updates, press 2 for upcoming events, press 3 for events results, press 4 for The M.M.A. Show with Mauro Ranallo, press 5 for M.M.A. audio books, press 6 for boxing audio books, press 7 for the fight of the month, press 8 for the fighter of the month, and press 9 for the advertisement corner. I'm also still looking for people who want to be guest critics on the show. If you're interested and you have good knowledge of boxing, kickboxing, and M.M.A. you can leave me a voice message at the Octagon. You can call the Octagon and send me feedback at any time by pressing the 4 key on your touch tone telephone. Also, you can leave me a message on my personal Laser voice mailbox at (206) 600-1629 or e-mail me at Also, check out my website at and you can also follow me on Twitter at