The Official Dan Christison Rally Thread

Friday the 13th figures to be one unlucky day for Rodrigo Munduruca, who will have the grave misfortune of being in the cage at the same time as Dan "The Sandman" Christison in the main event at CFC 3 in Winnepeg.


Go Sandman!

 Big Dan is going down!

That rally didn't last long.

and neither will Dan

dan's got this one in the bag....

Can someone post the result when they know it please??

Dan whipped his ass. TKO 2nd rd

 LOL awesome.

My bad it was a KO.

 Guess that will delay Mundo's UFC journey

 Damn, dan's staying busy, he just crushed some 300lb guy that didn't belong in the cage with him at a horse track in northern ky just 2 or 3 weeks ago


That'a a big win

With the win, Dan's career MMA record is now 17-1 when the fight doesn't go to the judges' scorecards - and 0-7 when it does (the latter mark includes his TUF Season 2 decision loss to Seth Petruzelli).

Who else would like to see Dan take on Wes Sims next?

Note my use of the word "else" because I would just love to see that matchup.

In any event, Congrats Big Dan!

Thanks to our friends for all of the support and for the others, thanks for the comments??? haha Munduruca is one hell of a fighter and a tough, tough man. This was a great night and I am so very proud of my hubby! :)

GB and Anthony, I love you guys!

What do you have against Wes Sims? He seems like a good enough guy. I wouldn't want to see him seriously hurt.

Congrats to big Dan!!

LOL, good job Dan. Wes and dan would be fun as shit to watch too.

Damn I didnt know Dan was even still fighting

The thing about a Dan Christison-Wes Sims fight is that it's likely to be a success promotion-wise, since both of them have tons of name recognition, and matchups like this can often be highly entertaining (see Dan's win over Brad Imes 3 1/2 years ago). Besides, if it did go to a decision, Dan might actually get a fair shake for a change.

And be honest: Who wants to see two 6'1", 260-pound dudes with like 47% body fat get it on? In addition to being gross, it's almost always boring because they're both slow as hell. Let them slim down to 225 or 230 - and create a separate weight class for that.

This sport is more than well-established enough by now to make that work.