The official OG Tennis thread

I think it’s finally time that we had our own thread instead of creating new ones, or using existing threads about other Tennis subjects.


and anyone else who likes Tennis is welcome to post.

TRIGGER WARNING: In this sport the men do not touch each other during play. If you are offended by this outrageous display of heterosexuality, then this is not the thread for you and should click away from it.


The French open officially begins tomorrow so who do you think will win?

Djokovic is the obvious favourite as Nadal is injured and out of form, whilst Alcaraz is currently unproven over the 5 set format.

Not too sure yet about others like Zverev. Medvedev or Tsitsipas.

I think Taitsipas takes it. Makes up for blowing it so epically last year

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That’s a bold prediction!

Although credit where credit is due, you correctly predicted that Taylor Fritz would win Indian Wells when no-one else did!


Yup, I am kind of the authority on this…

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Novaxx gonna choke, take it to the bank

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In novak has harder opponents that medvedev. The good guys arein the upper brackets. Cant wait.

We’re not talking about anal monkey pox so no, you’re not…

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That’s an incredible prediction.

I like Fritz

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It’s hard to see anyone beating him if he is on form. He’s just won the Rome masters without dropping a set and I still don’t think he is fully back to his best yet.

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Yeah I’ve got to give him credit for that!

Can you see anyone stopping Djokovic at the French?

I do!

My prediction?

I think Alcaraz takes it.


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A very bold prediction, I like it!

I would love it if Alcaraz won the French, but I just can’t see anyone beating Djokovic on form. So I’m going to be boring and say that Novak retains his title.

I know, it’s really hard not to pick Djokovic.

I think Alcaraz has the tank and the firepower to beat him.

I have to say, if they meet, that is must-watch, instant classic TV

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Alcaraz definitely has the game to compete with Djokovic.

However he hasn’t yet proven that he can take out the best over 5 sets in the latter stages of a slam. If he had won Miami and Madrid in 5 set finals, I might have more faith.

Hope I’m wrong though!

Totally agree.

However, he’s going to win a slam at some point and have his breakthrough major.

He has so much momentum on his side.

But I agree, that’s a tall order.

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It would be so good for the sport if he could do it at the French. It would certainly shake things up and make Tennis more exciting!