The official OG Tennis thread

Yeah he did didn’t he?

I think it’s unlikely that he will make his slam breakthrough this year.

@spjackson77 you correctly predicted in this thread that Djokovic would choke at the French.

Who are picking for Wimbledon this year?

For those who didn’t know this will be the first Wimbledon since 1998, that hasn’t featured Roger Federer in the main draw. It’s going to be very strange without him there.

Will definitely be going to the event next year, as that might be the very last time he will appear at SW19.

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As much as it pains me, I think Djokovic breezes to the title

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Yeah I think you are probably right unfortunately.


Why does that pain you?

Is he a poor sport or something?

Due to the type of rackets I have, I’m trying to study Nadal’s swing.

But I kind of like Djokovic as a competitor and personality.

I’m just catching up on these guys. Haven’t watched tennis since Agassi and Sampras had a rivalry.

Too bad I missed a pretty good era.

It appears this Federer guy is done. And Nadal and Djokovic are set to fall off at any time.

Most athletes experience a sharp decline around 35/36 years old.

When I get into something, I tend to get OCD.

If people are interested, I’m going to give racket recommendations for people looking to get into tennis.

Maybe James or somebody with more experience can give a better opinion.

I’ve never liked Novaxx. #teamfed

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For somebody just taking up tennis, I like these three rackets.

  1. Babolat Pure Drive w/ Babolat RMP Blast strings @ 53lbs.
  • Best selling racket over the last 20 years I believe. I think this is because it gives people new to the game a little extra power. Fits a lot of players. But may not be the best choice for more advanced players looking for more forgiveness and control.
  1. Wilson Blade 98 16 x 19 v7 w/ Luxilon Big Banger Original strings @ 50lbs.
  • Interesting racket. Not as still as the Pure Drive. People use a lot of variety of string tensions in this racket. Anywhere from 45 to 60lbs. But I have noticed that Luxilon strings seems to be a great fit for it. Seems like a pretty safe bet if you put those in @ 50lbs. There is a new version of the racket but I like the originals paint job better and you can get it $70 cheaper.
  1. Yonex EZONE 100 w/ Yonex Poly Tour 17g or Solinco Hyper G 17g strings @ 50 to 53lbs
  • Really like the Yonex EZONE and VCORE rackets. I think the 98 versions are better but may be a little intimidating for less advanced players. The 100 size isn’t as good but is a little bigger and more powerful. If strung right, the EZONE 100 should be more arm friendly and almost as powerful as the Babolat Pure Drive. I think this would be a really good racket choice for somebody taking up tennis.
  1. Solinco Blackout 300 or Solinco Whiteout 305 w/ RPM Blast or Solinco Hyper G strings @ 53lbs
  • I really like these rackets. Not that popular yet. The Blackout version is very similar to the Babolat Pure Drive. Will give a lot of power. Awesome looking racket when paired with Solinco Hyper G strings. The White is a little less powerful but has more balance and control. Putting Babolat RPM Blast or Solinco Hyper G strings in it would be a pretty safe bet.
  1. Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP w/ Babolat RPM Blast strings @ 53lbs
  • Head rackets are nice but very player specific. Buying one can be a little confusing to a new player. For most players, I think this one is the safest bet. Similar to the Babolat Pure Aero. A little less topspin that the Pure Aero but offers a little more control.

Just to note, I don’t use any of these rackets.

But these all seem like good choices for somebody new to tennis looking for a nice racket in the $200 to $250 price range.

For somebody not looking to spend that much to start out I believe Head, Babolat and Wilson all make pretty good rackets in the $100 dollar range.

Those rackets may actually be better for most beginners.

They are bigger, lighter and easier to hit with.

It’s just important to note that if you get better, you will want to upgrade it sooner than a more expensive racket.

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I like Federer as well.

But I believe Novaxx has a winning record against him.

I’d have to look it up.

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I’m a John McEnroe fan.

So I don’t really have a favorite out of those guys.

Wimbledon starts today!

Going to have it on in my office today.

Crazy, Branch Davidian Fokina up 2 sets to love against Hurkacz. Hurc was playing some incredible grass matches coming into this tourney.


BTW, come back, Canooke!

haha I stole your Brad Gilbert-esque name for Davidovich Fokina in the attempt to lure you back

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Yeah it’s a shame for you man because I’ve been watching Tennis since I was a kid in the 80’s and the Federer / Nadal / Djokovic era was an absolutely amazing time to be a fan.

Loved the Sampras / Agassi era but this was something else!

Appreciate the compliment mate but @Boomsticks played tennis to a much higher level than I ever did.

He would definitely be the one I would recommend for the best racket recommendations on the OG!

He does but only because Federer kept choking on his match points against him!

if he took them he would winning the head to head 26 - 24 instead of being behind 23 - 27!

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Yeah currently flipping between the Djokovic and the Alcaraz match!

Djokovic definitely looks out of sorts at times. I really thought he was going to play Queens this year because of his lack of matches. However he chose not to which may explain why he isn’t as sharp as usual.

Although he is a set down, Alcaraz is being so aggressive at the net at times! Great player to watch I really like him!

Alcaraz definitely needs to improve his volleys and he seems almost like he is caught off guard by some of the bounces on the grass at times.

Djokovic through but rusty looking. Think he would of been in much better shape for Wimbledon had he played Queens.

Thought so also. He looked a little off.
Now i gotta watch collins.

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