The Official Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

JJ? JuJu would definitely be a big help.

Also looks like CEH is out for the Chiefs…not that I have any confidence the Pittsburgh run D can stop anyone at this point.

TJ not JJ

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If I remember right he was dealing with a rib injury last game against the Chiefs…hopefully we’ll get a little more production out of him this time around.

His shoulder is way fucked up; I don’t think he will be nearly the factor that we want him to be.

You must be thinking of JJ…looks like that’s the other guy Rapaport was tweeting about…and yeah his shoulder is all kinds of fucked up…as far as I know, TJ is actually healthy for once.

I do have them twisted up. Thanks. Because he was talking about them both at the same time I was thinking it was TJ.

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JUJU was reactivated


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Love it. Won’t matter, but love it!!

I’m so fucking excited! Imagine Ben and the boys beating mahomes. And bleeding Kansas!
Mahomes is a stud, without a doubt. I wish we had Mahomes for next year.
Let’s get one more!

This played on the radio station I’m this morning lol

Keep thinking it would great to see a Pretjah post today.

Also, thinking of Tunch Ilkin.


Yup, dude would be laying out scenarios and statistics. RIP

He sure would.

Let’s go Steelers. Pull the upset.


Ben looks cold and gunshy

Let’s go!!! Quit running the first two plays then throw and miss!!!

Ugh. This line is awful

Go deep right here.

Ugh. Not good