The Official Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

It’s scary how talented this whole team is, our defense is going to cause a shit ton of turnovers and 3 and outs which is going to give these new receivers the needed reps and will open the running game for Najee, I haven’t been this excited for a Steelers season in a long time! Here we Go!

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I’m cautiously optimistic. Expectations are low for me but I’m excited nonetheless

Lotta turnovers are gonna happen on both sides of the ball. Wild season coming. I think it’s realistic to go 9-8

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I dunno 9-8 sounds ok, but I’m kinda hoping for 17-0

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Hoping whoever the starter is (I like Trubisky) can play smart and make generally good decisions. Harris played like 97% of their snaps last year, so I’m hoping they don’t run the tread off of him by the time the team is ready to seriously compete, if that time eventually comes.

Tons of talent, but they have to minimize costly mistakes.

I haven’t been following this offseason, but I saw a graphic of season end predictions and it showed the Steelers in last in the North. I thought that was cute. lol

OSU’s Teague III signed to the Steelers and placed McNichols on IR.

Ohio native buckeye fan here. I really liked Teague and his running style. Old school north and south runner. Always falls forward.

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4.41 40yd dash

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He sure don’t skip leg day, lol


Apparently Pickens is going off in camp

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Yeah I’m following training camp and every report is that he is special. Wouldn’t mind trading a draft pick, Bush and Claypool for that ILB that just hit the “I want a trade” market.

Which ILB was that? I think we’re solid with Myles Jack and bush might return to form

I’m assuming Roquan Smith.


Roquan Smith is legit. Him and Jack would be sick in the middle, but it won’t happen……

Rumor is that Spillane is going to start over Devin….

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Yeah the reports daily have been it’s a tossup or they will platoon

Jesus. Pickens is a savage it sounds like. Reports are Calvin Austin is in the mix too.