The Official Rub Swap Thread

post here if you'd like to be involved.

so far we have:

mike zev

maybe post what your rub is like, mine has a lot of dried chilis.

mine is swett $ spicy

*looks at thread title, looks at post...shakes head....

it's a KC style rub - smoky (from my homemade smoked salt), sweet, and spicy. I started using Raichlen recipes, but kept tweaking it more and more....

It goes well on pork, poultry, and beef. I even seared a tuna steak with some of the rub on it once, and it came out good.

i might have to do something a little special for this, i usually use smoked kosher salt but i think i'll smoke some sea salt that my ex brought back for me from sicily.

ciao bella!

mike zev





and alxholic

I'll do it.

Mine is usually nothing special but I'll be in just to score some of y'all's stuff.

I normally call mine "What's cw got in the pantry?" rub.

mike zev







Normally, mine is very mild. Nothing hot in it. The recipe I'm bastardizing calls for red peppers, but I don't use them.

However, if we're running low on spicy ones, I can easily change it up. I'll wait to see how this thread goes before I make a final decision.

How much are we going to make? I'm thinking like a pint or so.. or however much one of those mason jars hold.

Yanks only?

i'll be sending this much

a mason jar for each person?

i'll be sending around 6oz.

I was thinking like a 55 gal steel drum for each person.

can someone post the link to those empty spice bottles again?

You fuckers will take what I give you and like it

dude look at my last post.....that's the link.....

I usually make a giant batch at a time, so I'll send out the 16 oz. bottles

dude the dimensions on that are HUGE!!!

5 3/4" tall

2 3/4" in diameter

the 4 oz is

H = 3.875"
D = 1.75"

i've never made a real big batch, only enough to fill about to of those 16 oz ontainers...i will make a big batch but i need to make enough to give to my family too.............

i may still go with the 6oz though......