The OG Awards Thread

In addition to the typical MVP/Cy Young/ROY award talks, let's go ahead and discuss some other stuff, shall we? The conversation has really dried up around here lately as teams fall from contention.



AL--Still up for grabs, IMO. If I had a vote, I'd give it to Santana, but that's just me. Harold Reynolds says it's Sheffield, I say Harold's on crack.


NL--Clemens has the edge here, since Schmidt has struggled recently with this groin injury, Sheets has fallen off since the break, and like the Unit, can't get run support. Pavano is a possibility if he has a couple more good outings. Oswalt fell out after tonight's tough loss, IMO. He needed a good game to have a chance, and got knocked around.

AL--I feel kind of bad for Schilling, because he's always putting up numbers, and someone is always a little better. Used to be Randy Johnson, this year Johan Santana is clearly the choice.


NL--Jason Bay. Voting would be closer if Khalil Greene didn't get hurt. But he did, and Bay will (and should) win this in a Reagan-Mondale-esque landslide.

AL--Not sure. Frankly, I haven't paid too much attention to AL rookies. Crosby of the A's, maybe?


NL--Pretty much has to be LaRussa, mostly because he and his coaches have gotten a lot out of a pitching staff that didn't look that good in April.

AL--Tempting to give Buck Showalter the nod, getting the Rangers to play like he did. However, he insinuated that the lady who got hit in the face by the chair had it coming. Soscia (sp?) in Anaheim kept his team in the thick of it through injury after injury, I'll say him.


Aramis Ramirez, Cubs. 33 errors last year, 9 this season. You can credit Derrek Lee for saving some, but Ramirez also deserves some props for improving his footwork. He's rarely throwing off-balance now, since he gets into position to field the ball with his shoulders square. Tom Emanski would be proud.


Jack Wilson, Pirates. Last year, he was the typical all-field, no-bat shortstop. Granted, he's no Barry Bonds right now, but he has across-the-board improvement. Significant increases in runs, hits, doubles, triples, and OBP. Batting average is up 50 points from last year, and slugging % over 100 points higher. Pitchers actually have to think about how to get him out now.


Randy Johnson has been dominant, but his team sucks. Hard. Since he had the chance to leave and didn't take it, I'm disqualifying him. Next up is Ben Sheets, whose 2.80 ERA and .213 BAA has yielded a record of 11-12. He's allowed more than 4 earned runs in a start only four times. Eight times he's gone 7+ IP with 2 ER or less, and not gotten a win. Team has been shut out in 5 of his starts. Poor guy.

Please feel free to add your own awards (creativity a plus), or disagree with mine. Name-calling is not encouraged though.

Cy Young

Johann Santanna - leads the AL in era, obaa, slg%, ob% & strikeouts

Roger Clemens - Schmidt has fallen off a bit and otherwise he would get it


Barry Bonds - no one is more important to their team in all of baseball than bonds

Sheffied or Guerrero - Vladdy leads the AL in runs produced as a % of total team runs, offensively no one is more important to their team in the AL...Sheffield has put up great numbers with injuries & has really been the only constant on the yanks throughout the season, though he does have matsui, arod & jeter....manny and ortiz cancel eachother out in boston

Manager of the Year

Eric Wedge - cleveland is young & had a great turnaround from last year

not sure for the NL

Swing the Defies Logic

Gabe Kapler - one of the ugliest swings in baseball history, yet still he is hitting near 300, or was for much of the season

Dumbass of the Year

Randy Johnson - a trade to LA would have guaranteed him another Cy Young and he wouldnt accept the deal...dope

Carlos Delgado - refused to waive his no trade clause and flounders in toronto

nl mvp - bonds in a landslide

al mvp - ichiro best player in the AMerican league.

nl cy young - clemens followed extremely close by schmidt

al cy young - your guess is as good as mine

nl rookie as stated above bay in a landslide

al rookie mornaue even in limited duties he's shown he is the best young player to enter baseball in sometime

nl coach - i'm gonna have to unfortunately go with larussa

al coach - the dude in minnesota i forget his name

most hot dogs eaten - randal simon formerly of pittsburgh and someother team that signed him for alike a week

most underrated player in baseball - jason kendall

most over rated player in baseball - anyone one inning closer not named gagne or rivera!

most over rated coach in baseball - that old dude down in Tampa Bay Florida named -lou pinella

most underrated coach in baseball - the old dude down in miami,florida not named lou pinella

best baseball commentator - Jack Buck, or the guy in Philidelphia, i think his name is harry kalis if i'm not mistaken.

worst baseball comentator - Joe Morgan and his fat bald headed partner that thinks he is the baseball version of John Madden (who sucks too by the way!!!)

things in baseball i wish that never changed -

  • fat umpires...i dont like the cocky, arguementative, aggressive, steriod taking new class of umpires.

  • double headers...i understand why clubs don't want them but i love them

  • still no salary cap....why in the world we can't get a truely hardline salary cap or a more harsh salary tax.

  • old tiger stadium...i liked it sorry, even though i never went to a game there i like how it looked on tv

  • hills in the outfield....come on just have a freaking 15 foot wall in center field we dont need the hill!!!

time to say good bye to -

george steinbrenner he can't still be enjoying this can he?

larry bowa, well he may have saved his job but not for long i think

scott boras, if we can ban ephedrine cause it's bad for the players we can ban this agent aswell

yankees on espn 3 times a week. need i say anything about this

all star game - it's time to have a week off in the middle of the season and have an expanded roster to 35 players 15 pitchers, 20 players and have a best of 5 all star series. starting pitchers go 5-6 innnings instead of 1-2, everyone plays no need to worry about holding that 3rd catcher on the bench incase of extra innings. and it gives meaning to the winner takes the world serieshome field advantage

LOL @ the allstar game thing

players dont care about it as it is...and imagine one the stars getting hurt in one of those games??? fuck that

the whole "This time it counts" line is incredibly stupid....all star games dont count and should have NO impact on the series or anything

I want to bring back fat Umps as well.

A salary cap is a must.

Joe Morgan is my least favorite commentator as well. The fat bald-headed guy you refer to is either Jon Miller or Chris Berman (probably Miller). I Mute games that Morgan is calling with either one. Boomer should stick to football.

john miller is really sucked when i lived in maryland and the orioles games were all that was on...cause he was the orioles announcer as well....he wasn't as bad back then but was still not great.

MM-i agree the players could care less and i'm not a fan of the winner get homefield but i'd still love to see it.

oh id love to see it too, but too bad

Jerry Remy is a great announcer and should be listed with the other greats in the game

the absolute worst announcer in baseball history is Tim McCarver - he is a friggin joke. He is a Yankee apologist and kiss-ass...maybe that pisses me off cause im a sox fan, but it really annoys me

the best quality of an anouncer is to call things as they happen and not try to spin it to make the home town team look like their shit dont stink...

mm-- yeah i wasn't sure if mccarver was still calling games i've not caught a game of his this year...THANK GOD!!! other wise i would have put him up there too.

i honestly don't mind a HOMETOWN Announcer as long as they are honest about it. like harry kalis of the phils or the guys who do the braves games on TBS as long as you know they are going to be biased and are honest about a situation. as opposed to like you said above someone who makes everything look good for their teams perspective.

McCarver is horrible. The reason I hate him and Morgan is that they're biased on a National Broadcast like Fox or ESPN. You would expect Chip and Stoney to have a little Cubs bias on WGN, but on a Sunday Fox game??

award for best wife

Kris Benson's Anna Benson is awesome, cause she is hot and an attention whore


Comeback Player of the Year:

Glendon Rusch - Pitcher, Cubs

2003 stats - 1-12, 6.42 ERA, 123.1 IP, 171 hits, 93 runs

2004 stats - 6-2, 3.59 ERA, 123 IP, 121 hits, 49 runs.

Dude's ERA is nearly 3 RUNS lower than last year. He is currently pushing Matt Clement to the curb as the #5 starter on the Cubs & has also helped in short & long relief.

Is Clement hurt? Either way, Rusch is probably the 5th guy for them, he's been more consistent IMO.

He stepped up big early in the season with Wood and Prior on the DL. In fact, all their bench guys played well with starters injured, I thought. Hollandsworth, Walker, etc.

Yep. Clement is not hurt - he was skipped over by Dusty because of inconsistency.

Right now I'm begging for Joe Borowski to come back so he could MAYBE get a save, since Hawkins just blew it in the 9th.

My heart cannot take this shit, and I'm only following on Gameday.

LOL, I was about to mention that the only injury replacement that didn't work well for them was moving Hawkins to closer. I figured I'd let it go, since a lot of guys struggle moving from setup to closer mid-season. Not half an hour later, I'm watching the top of the 9th.............

So Ramirez singled with 2 out in the bottom of the 12th, representing the tying run. There was no pinch runner with Lee batting because.........?? A-Ram does not score on a double, IMO. Poor move Dusty. Ended up not mattering, but things like that are why I think the guy is completely overrated. How does a manager with such a good reputation miss an obvious move like that?

When I'm done puking I'll address your question, eric.

Are you through puking yet?? It's been a while :)

he actually just filled the hudson with his puke

its really nasty

I may puke bile out of my mouth if the Cubs waste Prior's 9 innings, 16 Ks, 3 hits, 1 BB he threw today.

Jesus, he was UN-REAL today. Totally dominant. He should walk around that clubhouse and one by one, kick each and every position player in the nuts, IMO.